After a traumatic expertise, it’s utterly pure to need to overlook the whole lot that occurred to you. Doing the whole lot humanly potential to keep away from ache is one in all the most pure human instincts. Unless you’re a first responder, for those who noticed a burning constructing proper now your pure tendency would most likely be to run away, not into, the constructing. After a traumatic expertise, the emotional toll could also be so heavy that folks might keep away from something which may remind them of what occurred. Some individuals’s efforts to dam residual emotions of trauma might appear like adapting avoidance conduct to keep away from emotions of ache, additionally known as trauma blocking. 

What is Trauma blocking? Trauma blocking is an effort to dam out and overwhelm residual painful emotions because of trauma. You might ask “What does trauma blocking conduct appear like?  

·      Trauma blocking is extreme use of social media and compulsive senseless scrolling. 

·      Binge consuming each weekend since you are off from work.

·      Excessive and senseless consuming even if you find yourself not hungry

·      Compulsive exercising to achieve a purpose you’re by no means happy with. 

·      Being uncomfortable being alone ensuing in staying in poisonous relationships lengthy after their expiration date. 

·      The feeling of being uncomfortable when you have nothing to do and the must at all times have tasks to do.

·      Compulsive on-line searching for issues you do not want and going into debt. 

·      Becoming a workaholic and having poor boundaries at work together with being obtainable 24/7 

One instance of it is a consumer I labored with named Shanta*. Shanta grew up in a family with a mother or father who struggled with substance abuse. She lived in a number of properties and altered faculties usually as a baby because of her mother or father’s instability. She was additionally sexually molested by a good friend of the household and by no means advised her mother and father out of the concern that they might retaliate in opposition to the abuser. Shanta was Black and didn’t need to contain the police and was fearful her household would additionally attempt to hurt the one that molested her. 

What did Shanta do to deal with and uninteresting the ache of her trauma?  She turned to what was most obtainable to her—meals. Food turned her consolation. Food was at all times there and was one in all the few issues in her life she had management over. Her mother and father allowed her to go to the retailer for them, and she or he at all times obtained extra cash to purchase some junk meals for herself. Those journeys to the retailer as a baby advanced into compulsive consuming, ensuing in Shanta turning into chubby. This had an added dividend, she felt being chubby made her much less seen and fascinating to males.

Shanta, like many survivors, blocked her ache. Survivors usually block their ache with issues which might be the most accessible to them. Besides meals, alcohol could be a trauma blocking instrument. One of the main components for relapse of individuals combating alcohol dependancy is that as they get sober, the recollections they’ve been utilizing alcohol to keep away from come racing again. Alcoholism turns into an answer to the trauma and over time, extra alcohol is required to uninteresting the ache. 

Trauma blocking behaviors induce calming, stress-free, and numbing that create reactions in the mind that function a ache reliever. For the trauma survivor, this implies numbing the ache to be at liberty from ache. The downside is the mind will regulate and the compulsive conduct will grow to be essential to proceed in order to keep away from feeling ache. 

Trauma blocking behaviors might really feel like they’re working at the second as a result of a few of the efforts will be very rewarding. The painkillers like designer baggage, unique pre-COVID-19 holidays, and luxurious autos individuals purchase from receiving bonuses for crushing work objectives will be nice. The final result of being a excessive achiever at work to keep away from dealing with the ache of trauma will be very rewarding … momentarily. The gratification of that achievement is simply momentary as a result of it’s a coping mechanism to keep away from ache. This is why many individuals who use work to keep away from the emotions beneath the trauma usually discover themselves perpetually sad in search of the subsequent large challenge or promotion. 

Despite the whole lot one might do to dam the trauma, the physique and thoughts will proceed to course of what has occurred even with all of the makes an attempt to dam the ache. In the absence of deliberate reflections, this will likely appear like having flashbacks, nightmares, panic assaults, and intrusive ideas, which is the physique’s approach of attempting to work via and course of the trauma that you’re blocking.

All of this isn’t simple by any means. Survivors of trauma use blocking strategies to assuage long-standing ache.  Awareness is the first step to addressing trauma blocking—analyzing the methods trauma blocking negatively impacts your life. Keeping a log to assist discover what is going on earlier than participating in blocking actions is a useful strategy to start the path in the direction of consciousness and altered conduct. Once consciousness is gained, individuals can create a plan involving more healthy methods to self soothe. 

Having a plan in advance is essential to assist cease trauma blocking behaviors. One instance could also be, “I will listen to a guided meditation when I am tempted to respond to a non-emergency work email.” Also reflecting upon the worth it’s possible you’ll pay by persevering with avoiding coping with ache via trauma blocking long-term. Consider courageously and gently beginning the path of confronting what has occurred to you by lastly confronting patterns of trauma blocking conduct. Because this work isn’t simple, take into account working with a licensed therapist who makes use of a trauma-informed strategy. 

*For the functions of sustaining confidentiality, names and figuring out data have been modified. Their tales and experiences are actual.

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