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When we ponder our thoughts over the word intimacy, our mind often directs us to physical intimacy and rarely to emotional intimacy.

But ask yourself if that’s all that is important in a relationship. Is it? Are you satisfied with that kind of relationship?

In my opinion, just physical intimacy does not account for a relationship. Yes, it is a big part of a relationship, but still just a component.

Why emotional intimacy is important in a relationship?

Being emotionally invested in a relationship is what completes it. They both together with some love and affection, embrace the whole relationship. Let ponder some thoughts upon the importance of emotional intimacy in a relationship.

How do you signify emotional intimacy?

According to Dr. Wyatt Fisher, “Emotional intimacy is a sense of closeness developed with another person over time.”

What I think about emotional closeness is that it’s a connection.

A connection of two souls and a union of communication and understanding. It can be characterized as a mutual responsibility and shared trust.

In simple words, emotional closeness goes way beyond the reigns of sexual relationships.

What is the essence of emotional intimacy in a relationship?

Emotional intimacy acts like glue in a relationship. It keeps a couple together even when they start to drift apart.

Emotional connection encompasses love, trust, affection, respect, romance, and spirituality. Lack of emotional closeness results in poor communication and trust issues.

Everyone desires a different level of intimacy based on their past relationship experience and the way of their upbringing. Therefore, there is no thumb rule of what’s enough. Some prefer fewer emotions and others desire more in a relationship. But yes, there still is a limit. If you cross that limit, it can ruin the bond between two couples.

It might be a little difficult to understand how to maintain your emotional status with your partner. It cannot exceed nor lag the level of understanding.

So, how to connect emotionally, or how to build emotional connection with your partner?

Here are some pointers that will help you understand if you are emotionally intimate with your partner.

Share both, your head and heart

Head and heart, both play an important role in a relationship. The heart signifies your feelings and head implies your thoughts.

If you are feeling happy, share it and the same goes when you are feeling sad, angry, and irritated or whatsoever you feel. In simple words, speak out your feeling to your partner.

This will help your partner understand you. They will get to know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. They will then know what to expect from you in certain situations.

Trust the bond of love

“Trust” although is a small word if you consider the characters, but is a bulky word when it comes to its meaning.

Trust is never alone, it always consists of those small fractions of responsibility, care, and liability.

It is the biggest measure of any relationship. If you trust your partner with your life, you trust your life with your partner.

Remember, trust always develops with time. Therefore, you and your partners should try to boost the level of faith constantly for building emotional intimacy.

Also, trust develops only if both of you are willing to improve it. You both need that shoulder to cry when the times are tough and a smile to share when you are happy.

Share your secrets

Why is sharing your secrets important? You might have heard of the term “secret keeper.” That’s what you are supposed to expect from a relationship if you tell them your secret, they have to keep it safe.

Moreover, this also shows how much you trust your partner. If you trust them with your secret, then your bond is quite strong.

This will always help you strengthen your bond as your partner will be the one to know most about you. This will make them feel special and in turn boost emotional closeness in your relationship.

Accept all of each other

No one is perfect, everyone has some flaws. The only difference is some have visible flaws and some have flaws that are invisible. Judging a person by how they look is the biggest flaw a person can have.

When you are in a relationship; size, height, color, religion, and intelligence doesn’t matter, what matters is, if you are willing to accept them with all those flaws.

No one has to change themselves to be liked by someone. That person does not deserve you if it isn’t you. In order to feel secured, you both need to accept each other unconditionally.

It’s not easy to let your guard down in front of someone, so make your partner feel safe with you, make them feel valued and loved.

How to develop emotional intimacy?

Bride And Groom Before A Kiss

As much as we yearn for emotional intimacy, many people are never taught how to engross it into a relationship or think about relationship investment.

That can be because they have never been a relationship before or because this ritual was never followed in their family.

Here is some essential piece of advice on how you can develop emotional intimacy in your relationship.

1. Be respectful and trustworthy

The indispensables of any emotional closeness in a relationship are respect and trust. Both have to be earned and both these factors are equally necessary for both the partners.

Every relationship starts and ends with these two aspects.

2. Be supportive

Life is full of happiness and sadness. When I say to be supportive, that does not just go for a hard time but also in good happy times.

Be there when they are happy and offer your shoulder in bad times. Just remember that everyone needs someone special, be that ‘someone special’ for your partner.

3. Feel blissful even in little things

Grand gestures are amazing I know. Everyone expects there partner to do something big and wonderful for them. But remember to be happy even in small things.

Don’t anticipate your partner to get you a fancy dinner every Valentine’s Day. Be happy even when they order in your favorite food.

To improve the level of romance, just slip into a pair of matching pajamas and enjoy your food with your favorite Hallmark movie.

Also, watch this video for more tips to find happiness in your marriage :

Chunk of Advice

Finding someone special isn’t about swiping left or right until you lurch upon it. It is a natural process.

Building a relationship with someone takes time. More when it comes to the emotional bond. But, it surely is the most rewarding aspect of life and one hundred percent worth the effort.

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