Why You Should Write a Thank You Letter to Your Spouse

Having that one special someone with whom you decided to spend the rest of your life has an unmeasurable value.

Have you ever thought of writing a thank you letter to your spouse or have you heard of anyone in your family or friends, having done this before?

When you spend each day with the same person, you can easily forget to express how much that person has changed you and contributed to who you are.

You might think that he or she knows it, but instead of guessing make sure that they do. Writing a thank you letter to your spouse can only make your bond stronger.

It is time for you to go beyond the usual romantic gestures and do something impactful to appreciate your spouse.

If you are doubtful about this idea and contemplating on how to appreciate your spouse, here are the reasons that will change your mind and give you clarity about this noble thought.

Turn “I love you” in more than just routine phrase

Saying “I love you” every day is what most couples do. As time passes, those meaningful three words start to feel like a routine, just as saying hello or goodbye.

Even though you truly mean it, does your partner understand the value of it?

Explain to your partner how much you love them by writing a thank you note. Don’t just write “I love you”. Give them specific reasons.

Explain in detail in your thank you letter to your spouse.

By thanking them for their strength, persistence, for being there during the tough times, for loving you the way you are, you are showing that you stand by that “I love you” and that you mean it from the bottom of your heart.

Remind your spouse how grateful you are for everything

You can’t know that your spouse is aware of how much they mean to you. That is why you should write a heartful appreciation letter for spouse and show how grateful you are to have them.

They should know about all the things you feel grateful about. They should have knowledge about each time they made a contribution to your life.

Sometimes you can be thankful for things that they even don’t remember but they meant the world to you. Marriage appreciation letters can be your chance to let them know.

Show how much you care

Writing a thank you letter to your spouse for caring takes time and dedication.  And, by doing this, you are showing how committed you are to your relationship and your love.

Take your spouse back in the olden days when good old romance was more than just something we read about in books or see in movies. Those seemingly small gestures were a huge depiction of appreciation.

“There is just something about a letter that represents an undeniable affection. I can’t quite say whether it is the fact that someone actually took the time to sit down and write it down. Or the very idea that the person loves you so much that they are willing to write a letter to you. In any case, you can’t deny that it is an irresistibly caring act,”

says Kristin Savage, a writer at Studicus who also runs her blog FlyWriting.

Let them feel loved and appreciated

Let them feel loved and appreciated

Is there anything better than reading loving words from someone you love? Give your spouse this fulfilling experience.

When they read all the beautiful things you wrote, they will feel truly appreciated, cared about, and special. If you think your significant other deserves that and you want to be the one who gives them that feeling, this is your chance.

Just imagine how you would feel if they would write you one. Something this simple as a thank you letter to your spouse can be quite amazing and powerful.

Express thoughts that are hard to say

There is something about writing that just unleashes everything that you are holding back. Maybe it’s the fact that you are alone with your thoughts. Maybe it’s because you know there’ll be no response or interruptions.

Whatever it is, use that as an opportunity to say everything that you can’t say in person. Now is the time to say thank you for everything that your spouse has done and you didn’t have the chance to express your gratitude at that moment.

Danielle Morrison, a writer at BestEssayEducation says that writing can be a liberating experience. She expressed the following,

As a writer, I realized that writing is the only outlet where I can truly open up without any limitations. I highly suggest it to anyone who wants to express something but feel like they can’t speak up.”

Forget about pressing breaks and don’t think about how does that sound or what will he or she think. This is your chance to get it out of your chest by penning down a thank you letter to your spouse for even the things they are unaware of.

Forget about irrelevant indifferences

As time passes and we go through the good and the bad, we sometimes start to take the other person for granted. The same routine, the tiring habits, and the loss of spontaneity leads us to bickering and unnecessary resentment.

Try to put aside all the habits, gestures, and situations that bother you by remembering all the good ones that keep you in a relationship with that person.

Is the fact that he throws socks on the floor revenant compared to the time when in held you in his arms while you were having problems with your family?

Or, do you really have to resent her that she was late for your date when you remember the time that she took care of you after you got ill?

You’ll see how everything you worry about on a daily basis or situations that you bicker about from time to time are in fact irrelevant. What really counts is the big stuff.

Remind yourself why you are the lucky one

Don’t be one of those people who realize how lucky they were only after they’ve lost the person they love. Realize how lucky you are right now.

Writing down a thank you letter to your spouse and seeing all the things your spouse did for you won’t just benefit them. It will benefit you as well.

You might have forgotten about how amazing that person is. About the virtues and strengths and all the good deeds that made you fall in love and ultimately say the big “I do.”

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Writing a thank you letter to your spouse can be a therapeutic experience that will give you some perspective on your relationship. You might have forgotten about the joy they brought in your life so use this opportunity to reflect and realize what you have.

Hopefully, these reasons to write a thank you letter to your spouse are convincing enough to give it a try. If you love your spouse and you want to do something really special for them, this should be your choice.

Remember that no gift in the world can measure with kind, loving, and appreciative words from the person you love.



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