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Updated: 22 Jan, 2020

Why Are Arranged Marriages Successful so in India

Arranged marriage is quite an alien term for people in the West, but in most Eastern countries, especially in the Southeast Asian countries, like India, it is very common.

As per the Indian marriage culture, parents choose the life partner for their kids, and theirs is the final decision. It has been there for ages and is still followed in the digital age where dating apps are emerging.

However, even in the love marriage, parents’ approval is the must. Parents from both sides will meet and discuss a lot of things before agreeing to the matrimony.

In Indian society, prearranged marriage is considered the best option as both the families are involved, thus can eliminate many marriage issues that might develop in the future.

Wondering why arranged marriages are good? When questioned what percentage of Indian marriages are arranged, it is safe to say that more than 90% of couples are in an arranged marriage in India.

Now, it’s a usual question to ask, ‘Do arrange marriages work?’ Well, it does. Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of arranged marriage in India.

1. A partnership with many emotions

If we compare arranged marriage vs. love marriage, the latter is based on one’s emotion of love. However, when we talk about arranged marriage in India, it is based on more than one emotion.

There are families involved. It’s more like a business union wherein walking out of a marriage isn’t easy, and everybody is there to support you in bad times in your life.

The partnership between the two lasts long when there is support from both sides of the family.

2. Chances of finding the right partner are higher

What is an arranged marriage? It’s a situation wherein you, along with your family, look for an individual who would support and help you grow.

In an arranged marriage in India, the families try to match two people who can be a support to each other. This implies you have the choice to say yes only when the person matches your expectations.

These, however, are not possible when you’re involved in love marriage. There, you have fallen in love with a person and have to adjust yourself accordingly.

3. Fewer expectations lead to a better life

It is suggested that a person should not have high expectations from their partner. When you know a person before marriage, you have some expectations as you both have known each other for a while.

In this case, there are chances of complaints about not meeting the expectations. However, things change when it comes to arranged marriages in India.

Here, since you know almost nothing or very little about the person you’re going to wed, the expectations are minimal. This means you explore things post-marriage and adjust instead of making complaints.

4. Social compatibility

Social compatibility

Love is blind. The reason arranged marriage success rate is higher is because couples are socially compatible with each other.

When you fall in love, you fall in love with the person. However, when you get into matrimony, you marry their family and culture as well.

For a person who is not from the same social upbringing or community, adjusting in the new environment can be quite a challenge, and often it leads to a lot of trouble. This rarely happens when the couples have an arranged marriage.

5. Time to know each other a bit

Arranged marriages in India are evolving. Today, both parents give some time to individuals to know a bit about each other through social interactions.

In the old days, couples were not allowed to meet each other unless they’re married.

However, today, when they’re given some free space to interact and make a decision, things have turned better. Besides, there are many arranged marriage sites that let people choose their partner who matches their expectations.

6. Maintaining the family’s tradition and culture

As mentioned above, in love marriage two different worlds will come together where the beliefs and traditions might be way different from each other. Some argue that it’s good, but some say that it leads to the death of age-old family tradition and culture.

In an Indian arranged marriage, these things are kept in mind. Parents ensure that the family tradition is continued; hence they look for a union with someone from the same community and religion.

7. Creating a sense of togetherness

Marriage is never about the union of two individuals. Instead, it’s the collaboration between two families. Arranged marriage in India creates a sense of togetherness as two families come together with the union of the younger ones.

Gradually, two different families turn into one big happy family. They are able to face every challenge together and celebrate every occasion together. This leads to a happy mind and a peaceful soul, which eventually benefits everyone attached.

It would be wrong to say that arranged marriages in India are always successful. There are problems with arranged marriages, but they are minimal.

Since two families are involved in the matrimony, problems are solved before they escalate beyond control. So, if you think that arranged marriage is the thing of the past, think again. 

Arranged marriage in India is successful and is still considered the first choice.

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