8 Tips for Happy Married Life

Every marriage is different, involving two unique people with their own personalities, memories, and experiences. Consequently, every marriage has its ups and downs over time.

The initial flutters and fireworks of the early days can fade as the years go by, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t enjoy a long, happy union that makes both of you feel fulfilled and content.

So, how to have a happy marriage? If a long-term marriage is not a myth, how to stay happily married?

Here are some top tips for a long and happy marriage. Following these tips for a happy married life will help you to deepen your connection and enhance your long-term marriage.

1. The little things can make a big difference

Grand romantic gestures and celebrations are all well and good, but in day to day life, it’s the little things that really add up and make the biggest difference to how we feel.

Sure, getting a diamond ring or luxury vacation surprise from your partner can make you feel simply amazing, but nobody can expect that kind of thing every single day.

Simple acts like making breakfast in bed, offering to help out with the kids’ homework, or cooking a nice meal can really show your partner how much you care for them.

People tend to notice and appreciate these little things, especially coming from their husband or wife, and if both partners are committed and make these little gestures of love and kindness, their marriage can go a long way.

2. Never forget to show affection

The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is rarely instant. It’s usually a gradual process.

In the beginning, the butterflies and passionate, never-ending kisses keep the fire alive with ease, but over time, those kisses when you see one another can start to turn into little pecks on the cheek, and before long, even the little pecks start to fade away.

It’s inevitable that you and your partner will become more familiar and comfortable with one another over time, and you can’t expect to feel butterflies after several decades together.

But, the essential advice for a happy marriage is to take the time to show affection with kisses, cuddles, and handholding. This way, you help to keep your relationship a romantic one, rather than letting it devolve into something more like a friendship.

It’s a common cliché that people tend to ‘relax’ once the wedding is over. One of the primary tips for a happy married life is to be careful regarding starting off on the wrong foot.

They start to feel a little too comfortable, forgetting about the little things that made their relationship so special in the first place, failing to make time for their new husband or wife, and from there, there’s nowhere to go but down.

Even if you are making big efforts to start your married life off in the best possible way, the post-wedding period can feel quite overwhelming, thanks to all the paperwork involved with joining two lives, as well as changing names and addresses.

So, instead of contemplating on how to live a happy married life, try to make an effort to find some genuine time-saving options on the internet to minimize stress in the early days of marriage.

4. Make time for one another

Make time for one another

It’s amazing how much time and effort we can put into certain things that seem important, while totally overlooking the things that matter the most.

There are countless examples of unhappy marriages in which one or both partners spent way too much time worrying about their own personal hobbies and interests, failing to put that same attention and dedication into their marriage.

With careers, kids, and more to keep you occupied, it can feel like a challenge to enjoy time together like you used to.

But, having pre-planned ‘date nights‘, weekends away, and simple cuddle moments before going to bed are some of the tips for a happy married life, that can really help keep the two of you feeling close and connected.

5. Have your own hobbies

Yes, even though we just spoke about the importance of making time for one another and not getting too distracted by personal hobbies and interests, it’s still important to have a little ‘me time’ now and then.

If you start to feel stifled in your marriage and unable to do the things you love on your own now and then, you can start to feel resentful and angry.

You and your partner are great together and can have lots of fun side by side, but you’re also unique individuals with your own passions.

So, one of the primary tips for a happy married life is to never give up on your hobbies. Pursue them!

6. Be honest, even when it’s hard

There are plenty of so-called ‘keys’ or tips for a happy married life, but if we had to pick just one, it would be honesty.

Lies never feel good to tell someone who loves and trusts you, and they always come back to bite you in the end anyway. It makes far more sense to be real with your partner at all times.

It’s difficult, for example, if you have to admit to money troubles or not feeling satisfied in the bedroom.

Ultimately it’s worth it though,  to open up, be honest, and start a dialogue with your partner about ways to move forward, rather than losing yourself in a web of lies.

7. Look after yourself

This is undoubtedly one of the vital tips for a happy married life. Good looks or good physique is not everything. But, it is critical to feel good about yourself to feel great in a relationship.

One of the big issues many long-term married couples have to deal with is declining sex life. When you live with someone 24/7 and have kids and jobs to think about together, it’s easy to slowly lose that initial sexual heat and attraction you used to feel for one another.

This becomes much worse when either partner stops making an effort in their appearance. This is why it can be so important to at least try to be sexy, however, you can.

No, you don’t have to have six-pack abs and perfect hair every time you see your partner, but taking pride in the way you look can help to keep that spark alive, as well as letting you feel better about yourself and more confident too.

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8. Don’t forget your friends

Many people in happy marriages have one thing in common: they see other people. We’re not talking sexually or romantically here, but they have other friends and family members to hang out with and talk to.

These friendships and connections help to fulfill the couple’s relationship needs by addressing hobbies and interests that may not be common to both of you.

If you only ever spend time with your partner, you’ll be more likely to resent or blame them when your needs aren’t being met. Enjoying your mate’s company while socializing with other couples adds to the mystique of your relationship, as you view him/her in a fun social setting.

Socializing as a couple broadens your social circle in a way that can strengthen your marriage as you develop a sense of community with others.

These are some valuable tips for a happy married life that you can try to implement as soon as possible. After all, if you are living with a happy spouse, your life will become worthwhile. They are very easy to remember, but if you truly follow them, you will see an incredible transformation in your relationship with your spouse.

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