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Updated: 23 Dec, 2019

6 Effective Ways to How to Stop Your Husband from Yelling at You

Nobody likes to be yelled at. 

It’s disrespectful and honestly put you in an awkward position. Things take a different turn when there are things like yelling and screaming in relationships. 

It’s quite embarrassing for both, mostly who’s at the receiving end. However, yelling back isn’t the best solution. 

There are various ways to deal with when your husband yells at you. 

Listed below are some of the reasons for your question as to “why the husband yells at me” and then possible ways of dealing with him. 

Why do husbands yell at their wives?

There endless reasons why someone gets irritated so quickly

There could be work stress, or the stress to be perfect and a better person, sometimes even the stress of the competitive world may make a person lose their anger quickly and burst out in anger. 

Midst all of these, listed below are some of the common and valid reasons as to why husbands yell at their wives and lose their temper so quickly. 

1. Stress

A person in stress goes through a lot of things. They often fail to comprehend the result of their actions. They find it hard to control their emotions and often burst out in anger at any given point of time. 

Others find it embarrassing and inhumane, but the person going through stress is helpless. 

2. Physical change

Happiness and sadness are also related to mental and chemical changes in the host’s body. 

So, if a husband is yelling at his wife, then he might be going through some chemical change in the body. 

Either his testosterone is low or he hasn’t got enough sleep because of which his mental health is affected. 

3. Lack of purpose 

A husband goes through tremendous pressure from society and family, which mostly go unnoticed. 

They’ve got the responsibility of the family and must fulfill their wishes. 

In such a case, when a husband is trying to match up the unrealistic masculine image of the society, he would find himself buried under a lot of stress. 

This as well can leave him irritated and would end up yelling at his wife. 

How to stop your husband from yelling at you

‘How to deal with yelling husband?’ is what most wives look for these days. 

This is due to the inability of the husband to cope up with the increasing stress, regularly. 

Below mentioned are some of the best ways that you can follow when your husband yells at you. 

1.  Stay calm

Stay calm, when your husband is yelling at you, you don’t have to yell at him

When your husband is yelling at you, you don’t have to yell at him to make this worse. 

Staying calm is the foremost solution that you must adhere to if you want to keep things under control and would like him to calm down. Answering his yelling with your yelling will make this blow out of proportion. So, stay calm

2. Look at the possible options to deal with the situation

There ought to be some possible options that would cool your husband down. 

Of course, yelling at your spouse is not the best thing to do, but that doesn’t mean that there is no way out of it. 

Think of the possible ways to deal with the situation as you know your husband better than anyone else. 

3. Analyze the situation

Things are not always as they seem. 

Sometimes, there are deep meanings to it as well. If you’re looking for ways on how to stop your husband from yelling at you, analyze the situation. 

There might be something that has triggered his irritation, hence the yelling. You’ve got to find out what triggered this situation. Once you’ve figured it out, you can take care of it from next time. 

Taking the root cause out will lead you to a conflict-free, happy life. 

4. Don’t just agree with everything he says

Don’t just agree with everything he says 

When your husband is yelling at you, he probably will be blaming you for a lot of things. 

The most common solution one can ever think to calm down the yeller is to agree with whatever they’re saying. 

Well, this isn’t the best solution ever. 

By agreeing to his blames you’re telling him he is right and giving him a reason to yell at you more. So, just don’t answer his blames and try to calm him down. 

5. Try to calm him down

When your husband is yelling, he has probably forgotten the situation and place he is yelling you at. 

To save yourself from embarrassment, try to make him understand about the place you’re in. 

Bring him back to reality. This will calm him down for the time being. Later, you can discuss the situation calmly and sort things out. 

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6. Draw a line

How to stop your husband from yelling at you? Draw a line. 

It’s understandable to yell or get irritated at the time, but don’t let your husband make a habit of it. 

The moment he finds out that you’re okay and are able to manage it properly, he might make it a habit. So, draw the line and let him know that you wouldn’t tolerate such behavior all the time. 

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