Global Divorce Rates Soar but UK Couples Stick Together

With excessive profile superstar splits and the visibility of social media, it could appear that divorces are extra prevalent than ever. However, within the UK, the precise reverse is true – divorce charges have been falling closely over the past decade.

According to information from the Office of National Statistics, divorce charges within the UK are at their lowest ranges because the early 1970s.

Using the information on divorce charges world wide, we will draw the next conclusions

  1. 1990-99 was the ‘worst’ decade in 40 years phrases of divorces
  2. Total divorces are at their lowest determine in over 40 years
  3. Between 2010-17, complete divorces have been 21% decrease than 1970-79 and 42% decrease than 1990-99!
  4. The most up-to-date common yearly divorce charge is 111357 divorces annually (2010-17) in comparison with 112985 (1970-79).
  5. At its highest charge between 1990-99, there have been a mean of 154,477 divorces per yr within the UK. That’s 36% larger than the latest decade.

How can we examine to the world?

The outcomes are easy. We are divorcing far much less typically than we now have at some other time previously 40 years.

Around the world, this compares fairly favourably. Here are some informative divorce statistics and info.

Using information from the UN Demographic Yearbook 2017 we will see that the UK has a comparatively low charge of divorce at 1.Eight per 1,000 folks.

The common charge the world over per 1,000 is 2.0. Compared to international locations in America, Europe and world wide, folks within the UK are divorcing far much less.

  1. Qatar and Guatemala share the bottom divorce charge on the planet at simply 0.Four divorces per 1000 folks.
  2. Russia has the very best divorce charge at 4.2 divorces per 1000.
  3. The UK has a comparatively low divorce charge in comparison with different western international locations and is 0.2 beneath the worldwide common.

What to do if you happen to face divorce?

While divorce charges are falling, there are nonetheless a whole bunch of hundreds of divorce decrees issued every decade within the UK.

If you discover your marriage is irreconcilable and want recommendation, Beecham Peacock solicitors are right here to assist. Learn extra concerning the divorce process and the way we will help you on our web site.


Global Divorce Rates

Most recent divorce rate

Divorce Decree Graph

The statistics are from the UN Demographic Yearbook and Office of National Statistics on behalf of Beecham Peacock.

8 Reasons for divorce within the UK

8 Reasons for divorce in the UK

Alongside world charges vs uk divorce charge, right here’s an outline of what causes  a marriage to be irretrievably damaged down.


  1. Infidelity – Affairs are a significant motive that go away a marriage with a path of tears and irreparable injury.
  2. Couples outgrow each other Sometimes one or each the companions have outgrown a relationship, drifted aside with nothing left between them that bonds them collectively. 
  3. Abuse- Any type of abuse in marriage- psychological, bodily or psychological results in a damaged marriage.
  4. Change in look – Shallow as it could sound, but some divorces are a direct end result of modifications in look, weight achieve or negligence in self upkeep.
  5. Conflicting parenting ideologies – Different parenting concepts may cause a rift between spouses as every one finds it tough to just accept the distinction of opinion.
  6. Marriage finances- Money issues in marriage can a driving issue for divorce for a lot of. Lack of transparency in cash discussions, particular person cash mindset, money owed and spending habits can all pressure a marital partnership.
  7. Addiction- Addiction to alcohol, drug abuse, playing or any type of substance abuse can result in a bunch of different issues in a marriage and at last end result in the long run of a marriage.
  8. Communication breakdown- Lack of wholesome communication in a marriage results in a relationship stalemate, leaves {couples} filled with resentment and unwilling to work at enhancing their marriage. Once a relationship breaks down due to poor communication in marriage, it’s a sure-fire predictive of a divorce.

Divorce is rarely a pleasing expertise but it’s at all times good to know the explanations that result in a marriage breakdown.

Awareness of the explanations that may probably result in divorce, will help you break the unhealthy and poisonous patterns in your marriage and cease them from eroding away at your relationship.


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