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24 Sep, 2019

6 Tell-Tale Signs Your Partner Sees You as an Option, Not a Priority and How to Handle the Situation

Have you ever had a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that leaves you feeling unimportant in a relationship. It makes you think that you are not the priority of your partner? When your spouse doesn’t put you first? Do you feel unimportant and ignored all the time?

All of these feelings are Signs your partner sees you as an option, not a priority. If you think you are paranoid or being unreasonable, you need to check out these signs your partner sees you as an option, not a priority.

These signs will help you understand how to make your boyfriend realize your importance.

He rarely initiates anything

Communication is everything if your partner is reluctant to converse and make initiation; it’s better to sort things out. Ask yourself why I don’t feel like a priority to my husband? A relationship can’t work with one-sided effort. Both parties need to get involved equally.

Communication is the key to every relationship’s success; your partner needs to text and call you first as much as you do. Whether it’s a date or just meeting for casual drinks, your partner needs to initiate it.

Canceling plans last minute, not remembering you or wishing on important events and always vanishing on you. You will always be left feeling unimportant.

Don’t let your partner take you for granted if he doesn’t initiate conversations; you need to sort things sooner than later. The communication gap will put stress on the couple, and it will develop negative thoughts, feelings, and an overall failed relationship.

Ignoring your family and friends

The most significant sign that will indicate that you are not a priority is that your partner will never express any interest in your family or friends.

He will make no initiative to meet them, or create an excuse to get out of family dinners. Plus, he will never make a plan to make you meet his family.

When you are not a priority in his life, he will make sure you never meet his family, and he never meets yours. He will never make the relationship official.


According to the relationship priority list, a partner should always come first. Do you think that’s true for your relationship? Or do you think “he treats me like an option”? Trust your gut feeling.

Many a time we don’t give credit to what we are feeling or sensing. A girl’s instinct is so strong that she will know even before the signs your partner sees you as an option, not a priority, start to appear.

You are always the last to know everything

You are always the last to know everything

Whether it’s your husband or your boyfriend, if he treats you like an option, he will forget to tell you the important stuff. You will only know them at the eleventh hour. This is never a good sign; this means that you aren’t on his mind as an essential person.

Being the second choice in a relationship or the last one to now isn’t a great feeling, but you need to tackle this smartly. When your spouse doesn’t put you first, you can’t start fighting and yelling that my husband always puts me last.

You will need to assess the situation calmly, sit, and communicate with your spouse and put your foot down firmly. Start asking them about things generally, your keen interest will remind him that he has to let you know before everyone else.

They are seeing other people

You may love your boyfriend a lot, but you need to check out his priorities if you are planning a future with him. Knowing the priorities in a relationship are the most important part.

You need to see if you are his exclusive or he is seeing other people. If you feel that your boyfriend puts no effort into the relationship, it’s because he is treating you like an option and not as a priority. Is he giving you time? Is he interested in who you and what you do?

Has he asked you out on a proper date? All these questions and their answer will let you know where you stand.

You keep demanding attention

In a proper relationship where both parties are equally involved, one doesn’t have to ask for attention all the time.

If you are desperate for attention and he isn’t interested, you need to call him out. If his behavior doesn’t change even after the confrontation, this is a huge red flag that he is only using you, and you are just an option.

Bottom line

Trust your instincts, check out all the signs mentioned above your partner sees you as an option, not a priority. If you still choose to keep your eye shut after all the signs, you might even end up regretting later. You need to make yourself the priority if you want to be treated like one.

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