13 Tips on How to Have Nice Oral Sex

Let’s face it, this is the 21stcentury and well, everyone is curious ready to try new things and enjoy life, that includes sex, which is a common factor of life fulfillment. Well that is not bad at all, but it will be if you don’t keep up with the society you know.

However, if you don’t know how to do oral sex? or feel less informed compared to your peers about how to give the best oral sex?, no need to worry, we have you covered when it comes to oral sex techniques. You are going to get the best training of your life on how to satisfy your partner who has always wanted to have oral sex. So just hold on and you will be satisfied, or they will(wink).

Here you will get all the information you need on how to perform oral sex or how to give oral sex through some best oral sex tips.

1. What is oral sex?

Oral sex according to Wikipedia, is sexual intercourse using the mouth and according to them there are two types of oral sex:

  1. folation which is when done on male
  2. Cunnilingus when done on female.

But let’s leave Wikipedia’s names for now and use the names we usually use, going down”, giving head”, “blowjob” and “rimming”( this is oral sex on the anus).

Why is it usually done you may ask? It can be for foreplay before actual sex usually for sexual arousal or just for satisfaction as a ” quickie” . Well, let’s stop yapping and get started on how to do it

2. Be sure you want it

Let agree that you want to enjoy the oral sex since that is the point. Do not get pressured if you don’t like it and maybe you think it is nasty, as it can leave total devastation in your life.

Communicate with your partner and let both of you confirm you agree and are ready for it according to sex courses

3. Start with romance

This is always assumed by couples specifically most assuming good oral sex will replace it. Trust me oral sex will be perfect if you are aroused and ready for sex. This will also compliment the romance you have shared with each other.

It will help you concentrate on what you are doing and you will be focused to satisfy each other and in general, it will literally make the sex enjoyable

4. Communicate on the experience

Don’t just be silent like a dead block of wood, try to ask your partner how they feel, ask where specifically they feel is sweet as this will help you in getting the G-spot especially for the female counterpart. Similarly best oral sex things to do for him can vary from one guy to another.

Furthermore, if you like saying nasty stuff to arouse you it might be a good idea to use the words to keep this going. This also helps when one does not feel like continuing, they can say so and stop.

5. Attend to the area around her vagina

Now lets get started on the process of how to give good oral sex.This is an advice to men, start by kissing her laps and on her panties , around the vagina and some other body parts like her belly button. This arouses women and they tend to like it.

This is in preparation to getting in and do it until they beg for it. We men always tend to ignore the fact that women appreciate getting aroused before you “get in”.

When she begs it gives you a feeling of success beforehand and improves your confidence in satisfying her aside from the fact that she is actually satisfied.

6. Watch oral sex porn

Aside from increasing your arousal, watching oral sex porn on the background gives you relative experience and skills on how to give the best oral sex.

You will at most try the skills you see on the video, but if it does not come naturally, my advice is that you should make sure that you use at least two tips on oral sex listed earlier as they can be a major boost.

Also the porn will mostly make the partners, if they like watching porn, the need to get the treatment the actor is getting on the video.

A note is to be sure the porn does not take your focus from your partner until you end up with infatuations about the other guys on the porn, like you should not end up calling the name of the pornstar, if you know what I mean.

7. Be creative with styles

Be creative with styles

We both know that work with no play is dull, no wonder we always have breaks and games in school. So, knowing that why would you be the dull partner and practise just work with no play then?…Duh!

Try evry style you feel like and all you know, anyway you are not competing with anyone to win the race early, you need the satisfaction that comes with oral sex. So, you know about doggy style? Make use of one of the knowledge, let the female kneel down and the male go behind.

If you always fantasized about missionary style do it, if you want to try 69 position which by the way I recommend if both of you want satisfaction at the same time, then do it.

Change in sexual position increases your chances of enjoying the oral sex and you will love the feeling, because sex is thing not to be just done but totally enjoyed.

8.Increase the tools(Toys)

Well, using just your tongue and hands can be a bit boring sometimes, why would we have luxury if basic needs are okay. It is about time you introduced a little bit of toys to improve the functionality of the whole experience.

There are numerous toys you can order online from your garage or you can just head up to the local toy shops in your country or locality. Note that there are toys for both male and female and not sex dolls or dildos that replace your other patner, so do not worry about this article causing you to loose the love of your dreams(if you have dreams, i stopped having mine).

Please keep this in mind that your partner may find out about them from someone else who would be glad to show how to use it, someone totally different from this article you doubted before “wink!! wink!!”

9. Use hot breath

Have you ever had that feeling? Come on! The feeling you get when warm air passes through your ears? if you haven’t, you ought to try it. It is the nicest feeling you will ever get, If you have had it, good.

Now picture and imagine this; that sweet and enticing feeling is deep down your most sensitive part, or so I think. Now imagine how nice it would be experimenting on your partner.

Whether you are sucking the penis or licking the vagina, this feeling is always a one way traffic to planet nine for your partner. You have already ordered the ticket with a spaceship using that. Try breathing with your nose while under there and this will do the trick.

10. Know the G-spot

Come on, we all know you need to hit the spot at intervals. The huge problem is always missing the spot and we end up letting her unsatisfied. So, how about we find out how she reacts on every spot and determine where the spot is?

If you can’t find it? Well, then request her to tell you the location she would like you to visit and focus on that spot ,after going round the other parts. Mostly the spot is usually the clitoris as i get from most of my female friends, but i noticed most ladies tend to react to other spots as well highly, so focus on the spots and give her the orgasm of her life and it will all be okay

11. Focus around his penis

Try licking around his penis when you give a blow job. The sensitive places are :

  1. The balls: The balls tend to react perfectly on contact. So, to improve the experience try sucking the balls round and round holding the skin with your mouth and rub them with your hand.
  2. The tip: Try licking the tip in circles with the tip of your tongue. The tip is basically the most sensitive part of the man’s penis.
  3. Anus trail: Down the lane to the anus is also a sensitive spot. It tends to bring new experience never gotten

12.Anilingus( Anal oral)

Anilingus according to wikipedia is oral sex on the anus. If you want to try anal orally, make sure your anus is perfectly clean to avoid destroying the mood and get ready to be enthrilled.

Also to improve the sweetness, you can try using lube when inserting a finger. There are also condoms and covers for your tongue if you are cautious about getting dirty or diseases.

13. Others

Let us talk about any other guidelines

  1. You should not try if you don’t want, it is not a must .
  2. It is not a must that you swallow the cum or load as it is called
  3. The point is not to come, it is for arousal and satisfaction, so do not hurry it up
  4. Clean your mouth beforehand and after

Thank you for reading the article and i hope it gives you a perfect sexual life. Also search for sexcourse.tv for more informative sexual education. Feel free to ask more and comment.

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