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10 Practical and Useful Tips on How to Flirt with a Girl

Flirting is an art that not many have mastered. If flirting is done the right way, no one gets hurt but it backfires, the flirt or the receiver can end up with a bruised ego or an emotional setback.

Girls mostly, are quite sensitive and can determine the intentions pretty fast, faster than we can imagine. How to flirt with a girl is every guy’s concern. They don’t want to push away girls by doing something wrong and don’t want to invite trouble as well.

So, let’s have a look at how to subtly flirt with a girl in over text since it is the digital age.

How to flirt over text with a girl?

Most men make mistakes when it comes to how to flirt with a girl over text. They still follow the old-age of tradition and try to act smart and end up making fool of themselves.

Let have a quick look at how to flirt with a girl without being stupid and pushing them away.

1. Don’t be cheesy

What most men do is they still follow the age-old tradition of being cheesy. They believe that girls would like it when they will try to woo them over with some cheesy lines. Well, no.

The first thing that they would do if you behave like that is will block you, instantly.

You have to act normal and be yourself. Only the genuine conversation goes far, fake ones suffer an untimely death.

2. Approach her in a gentlemanly way

Many might think that chivalrous gentlemen are extinct now. Not many behave gentlemanly these days, which certainly gives you a plus point if you do so. Girls, no matter what, love men who behave properly and make them feel special.

If you’re thinking about how to flirt with a girl online, then this is the best solution.

While texting the words you use to express your feelings are important. They can act in your favor or otherwise.

So, make sure you are behaving properly and not forcing her to chat. Keep this in mind and you will succeed.

3. Don’t be predictable

When looking for how to flirt with a girl the most thig to remember is ‘don’t be predictable’.

Being predictable is quite boring. You have to entice her to continue the conversation with you.

By keeping the text minimal and being predictable, you won’t be helping yourself at all. The only way to avoid this is to have a conversation that would make her think. This way, she would enjoy the conversation.

4. Avoid seriousness

How to flirt with a girl? One of the answers is to avoid seriousness. You’re flirting and the last thing you would like is to get into are serious topics, that would put her off.

So, joke about things, talk about light topics and don’t get involved in serious matters.

If she shares some things with you, lighten up her mood. She would love it and surely would remember you for months to come.

5. Avoid stupid or confusing references

It is quite natural to make references. We do it quite often when we speak with our peers or someone with similar interests in our regular life. However, this is a complete no-no in ‘how to flirt with a girl’ rules. You don’t want to sound excellent or stupid by making references that may confuse her.

She would like to chat with you only if she feels comfortable. The moment she starts getting references that don’t make any sense to her, she will go.

You surely don’t want that to happen, do you?

6. Use emojis wisely

Use emojis wisely

Emojis have simplified texting, a lot. Everybody is using it to express their feelings and emotions easily. So, make sure that you make the most of it. What most people neglect when they look for answers to how to flirt with a girl is that, texting has evolved and is constantly evolving.

Today, we have GIFs and Emojis that can be wisely integrated into texting to make conversation smoother and clearer. So, use them often and wisely.

7. Subtly ask if she is seeing someone

Not all girls are out and open about their personal life. There are some who prefer to keep it hidden and refuse to share information with most people.

If you want to know how to flirt with a shy girl, then please make sure that you don’t rush into things and ask her personal questions instantly.

She might get offended and you would be blocked for your sure. So, ask her subtly if she is seeing someone.

8. Don’t just talk, listen to her

This is a common flaw with most men. They tend to share things but when it comes to listening to what others have to say, they doze off. Well, this doesn’t apply if you’re looking for a better solution on how to flirt with a girl.

You want her to know that you’re one of those few men who are good listeners. You want her to share things with you. So, listen to her when she is saying something.

Remember, your text and the way you express yourself would define your feelings. She would judge you on this.

9. Don’t mis-text her:

We all have done this. Send a text and then pretend that the text went by mistake or it was meant for someone else. However, this doesn’t sound right these days. So, if you looking for ways on how to flirt with a girl tick this off from your list. Don’t ever mis-text her.

10. Don’t take time to respond to her text

Girls like it when men are prompt in their replies. This shows that they’re being attentive to them.

So, when you’re flirting with a girl, don’t take forever to respond to her texts.

The long delays will create a bad impression and things might not end on a good note.

Flirting with a girl isn’t so difficult and if you keep these points in mind you will surely make a great impression on the girl you like.

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