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When Your Partner Seeks Your Attention - Identifying and Fulfilling the Need for Attention

John Gottman, a world-renowned relationship researcher, was taken with understanding what makes some relationships work whereas others fail.   

So, Gottman studied 600 newlyweds over a interval of 6 years. His findings shed necessary gentle on what we are able to do to extend satisfaction and connection in {our relationships} and what we do to destroy it.

Gottman discovered that the distinction between these relationships that thrive (masters) and these that don’t (disasters) have quite a bit to do with how they reply to bids for consideration. What is a bid for consideration?

Gottman defines a bid for consideration as any try from one companion to a different for affirmation, affection or every other optimistic connection.

Bids present up in easy methods – corresponding to a smile or wink – and in additional complicated methods, like a request for recommendation or assist. Even a sigh generally is a bid for consideration. We can both ignore bids (turning away) or grow to be curious and ask questions (turning towards).

Most bids have a subtext that’s pointing to your companion’s true need. You don’t must be a mind-reader, you simply must be curious and ask inquiries to test it out. For instance, if the consideration seeker companion says, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to learn Salsa dancing?” and the different companion responds, No, I don’t like dancing…” the different companion is popping away from that bid for consideration.

The bid is almost definitely extra about spending time collectively than the exercise of dancing. So, possibly strive, “I wish I liked dancing, but I don’t… can we do something else together?”

If you discover resonance with this situation then that is one of the indicators that your companion is an enormous time consideration seeker. This is to not say there’s a flaw of their behavioral sample, it signifies that you aren’t giving as a lot consideration to them. You don’t want a solution to how you can take care of consideration seekers, you’ll want to establish your companion’s bid for consideration and fulfill it.

Gottman discovered that {couples} who stayed collectively (masters) turned towards bids for consideration 86% of the time, whereas those that didn’t keep collectively turned in direction of bids for consideration solely 33% of the time. His analysis helps what we see in the workplace on a regular basis. Conflict, anger and resentment have much less to do with massive points, and extra to do with not getting and giving the consideration that’s wanted in the relationship for it to thrive and survive.

But what if each companions took significantly their companions bids for consideration and made it a precedence to note and reply? What in the event that they developed the easy abilities to acknowledge a bid, and easy methods of turning in direction of?

Well, based on Gottman, there could be fewer divorces and far more joyful, linked and wholesome relationships!

How to deal with an attention-seeking companion and fulfill their wants

  1. Sit down collectively and make a listing of the way you usually make bids for consideration. One at a time, establish a standard manner that you simply discover your self making a bid for consideration to your companion. Keep going again and forth till you may’t suppose of every other manner.
  2. Over the subsequent week, be on the hunt for attainable bids for consideration out of your companion. Have enjoyable.. be playful… ask your companion, is that this a bid for consideration?
  3. Remember that turning towards a bid doesn’t essentially imply saying sure to your companion. Turning towards means acknowledging your companions need for consideration or assist, and fulfilling it in some way. Maybe it’s delayed, like “I can’t talk now because I am in the middle of a project, but I would love to spend time with you later. Can we do that this evening?”
  4. If your companion misses a bid for consideration, slightly than feeling dissatisfied or resentful, allow them to comprehend it was a bid for consideration. Likewise, when your companion calls consideration to a missed bid, take the time to ask questions and reply.
  5. Most importantly, preserve it gentle, have enjoyable, and know that growing the behavior of leaning into bids is one of the healthiest and supportive factor you are able to do on your relationship.

These pointers ought to give you the option that can assist you acknowledge and fulfil your companion’s bid for consideration. This won’t solely make your relationship stronger, this will even enhance in your relationship communication abilities.

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Craig Lambert, LCSW, is a San Diego marriage therapist serving to {couples} strengthen their relationships and enhance communication. A {couples} counselor for greater than 30 years, Craig has helped lots of of pissed off, hurting {couples} achieve new understanding of themselves, their companions and even the world round them. Proven, mild methods like Mindfulness workouts and Imago Therapy let people acknowledge when they’re bringing points from previous relationships—and notably their household of origin—into current relationships. Craig’s shoppers achieve new insights, reduction and peace after they perceive the usually unconscious underpinnings of relationship battle.

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