Is My Husband Gay What Is and Isn’t a Sign to Look for

It will not be uncommon for girls to ask themselves “Is my husband gay?” Many issues could make a girl query her man’s sexuality, and it may be distressing to suppose that the individual you love and belief most is retaining a enormous secret from you.

While the one means to know for certain in case your husband is homosexual or bisexual is for him to let you know, there are some indicators which you could look for that allow you to know a dialog about sexual orientation is critical.

There are additionally, nonetheless, many issues that society would possibly let you know means your husband is homosexual that really don’t have something to do along with his sexual orientation.

Read on for some debunked myths and precise indicators to look for if you end up asking, “Is my husband gay?”

Your husband is likely to be homosexual if: 

1. He watches homosexual porn and lies about it

First, watching and having fun with homosexual porn doesn’t essentially imply your husband is homosexual.

Many straight males get pleasure from homosexual porn from time to time. But in case your man is hiding his porn use, or denies that any homosexual porn you discover in the home or on his laptop is his, then he could also be a minimum of questioning his sexuality.

If you might be discovering homosexual porn on his laptop or different gadgets or discovering print homosexual porn stashed round the home, it’s time to have a dialog. 

2. He has unusual web habits

Clearing your browser historical past is likely to be good digital hygiene, however it will also be a sign that somebody is retaining a secret.

Especially if he begins doing a common cache clearing after you’ve confronted him about homosexual porn or different suspicious on-line conduct, it’s best to begin asking some questions. He is probably not homosexual, however it’s possible that there’s something he’s not telling you.

Likewise, having a separate social media account the place most of his connections are males you don’t acknowledge, browsing and having profiles on homosexual dating websites or hook-up apps, and Googling for questions like “how to know if you’re gay” might be crimson flags. 

3. He will not be focused on intercourse with you

He is not interested in sex with you


There are many causes a individual is likely to be much less focused on intercourse, and many marriages have ebbs and circulate in sexual exercise.

But in case your husband is totally uninterested in sex with you for an prolonged interval, and he isn’t keen to talk about the difficulty or determine if there’s a well being challenge (psychological or bodily) killing his libido, he could, the truth is, be homosexual or questioning his sexuality.

No curiosity in intercourse with you is very a warning signal when you had a lot of sex early in your relationship, however it dropped off shortly and by no means picked again up. 

4. He’s a homophobe

Strangely, that is the primary predictor that somebody is a closeted homosexual or bisexual man.

If your man is an outspoken homophobe, treats homosexual individuals in another way or badly, makes a lot of nasty “gay” jokes, or talks about homosexual individuals in a dehumanizing means, he could also be attempting to assert his “straightness” as a result of he’s ashamed of being homosexual (or being came upon).

This holds true even when he’s fantastic with lesbians however homophobic towards homosexual and bisexual males.

There are additionally many issues society tells girls are indicators their husbands are homosexual, however which actually don’t imply a factor.

Some issues that don’t essentially signal your husband is homosexual embody: 

1.  He’s actually into his look

There’s a pernicious stereotype that a man is barely involved along with his look if he’s homosexual.

Not so!

Just as a result of your husband is into style, likes to maintain his hair and nails groomed (even when he will get a manicure), or in any other case takes time to put himself collectively doesn’t imply he’s homosexual. 

2. He’s into girly or womanly issues

Activities and pursuits don’t have gender, however our society likes to fake they do.

If you’re married to a man who enjoys usually “feminine” actions like cooking, baking, cleansing, adorning, knitting, or yoga, individuals would possibly attempt to make you ask your self “Is my husband gay?”

But his pursuits are under no circumstances linked to his sexual orientation. Baking cookies or performing in group theater can’t “make” him homosexual, both. 

3. He needs to attempt “butt stuff”

It comes as a shock to many individuals, however numerous straight {couples} have interaction in anal intercourse or anal intercourse play.

And that features many straight males who get pleasure from being penetrated or having their prostate stimulated by way of the anus or perineum. Societal disgrace retains many males from asking for any such play or admitting that they have interaction in it.

If your husband expresses curiosity in exploring “butt stuff,” have a dialog. If you aren’t into it, you don’t have to have interaction in it, but additionally know that being focused on anal doesn’t imply your man is homosexual.

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