10 Things You Need to Know Before You Become a Mother

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Become a Mother

The world can never get by without mothers’ roles.

This is not to displace the efforts of true, caring fathers. Indeed, both parents do well in raising beautiful homes that integrate societies.

As ladies grow they are always fascinated by the idea of becoming mothers. They really want to feel the thrills of motherhood. But may I challenge you that motherhood is a mix. It is an admixture of pains and pleasures.

Though, if you have the support of a friendly and supportive husband, may I tell you that your motherhood journey might be less challenging?

But there are certain important things you need to know if you desire your motherhood experience to be a thing of great delight. And I would intimate you with those important things in this piece.

1. A different perception of vacation

You will discover that you would go through a rapid re-orientation of what vacations are for, especially during the early days of motherhood when the kids are just growing up.

You would only form an image of the times of fun you had with friends and families before you settle down to be a mother. This should not in any way discourage you from being a mother after all.

It should even spur you to become one in time because the earlier you become a mother, the likelier you are to resume back life with your hubby.

2. You will gain and lose friends

Things may just have to change. Things may not be the same anymore.

There are some friends you might have to lose naturally. This is not as a result of pride or ego. It is just natural. Or the better thing that may happen is that they become distant friends. And you would make some as well – whether with the prenatal or natal or post-natal health workers or fellow young mothers.

3. You will find motherhood exciting

Motherhood is quite adventurous. It is kind of exploratory. It is challenging! It is… you name it!

Your son who appears to be less intelligent may suddenly turn the leader in class. Or your Rose may eventually become the next hackathon champ when she did poorly in coding in her high school days.

You will discover how life actually phases out. And that the most important way of doing pretty well without regrets is to ensure one makes the best out of every phase of your life.

4. You will encounter mothers-in-Law

As you become a mother, be ready to take on mother-in-law. Mothers-in-law can be exciting as well as frustrating many times.

It all depends on your mutuality – how much you and your in-laws are ready to make things work, how much you are willing to understand each other and make the home a happy and lovable place. The mother-in-law wants to see her son and her grandchildren. The mother wants to keep her husband and care for her children.

Does that seem somewhat conflicting? Not at all!

As they say, attitude is everything. Be ready to apply wisdom in managing your home in this regard.

5. The duty of breastfeeding

You will do a lot of breastfeeding.

Are you aware that for the first six months, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that exclusive breastfeeding should be the only appropriate food for a baby! The first six months for a new mother?

I tell you! At times, your baby would disturb you in the middle of the night to get some breastfeeding. It is quite funny that these loving babies would sleep all through the whole day and stay wide awake almost all through the night.

In public, they would cry the hell out for you to feed them with your succulent breasts.

Hope you are not still ashamed of popping out your breasts in public for that purpose? At times they will bite you with their budding teeth. It is all going to be fun! It all behooves you to be more strategic in your sleeping schedules.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful but dutiful task.

6. Your abdomen may never recover

Even if you decide to become a mother of only one, your abdomen may never recover.

A whole nine months of baby-carrying would ensure this. No amount of exercise would help. No amount of weight loss attempts would make you gain back that pre-mother flat belly. And you too wouldn’t really care as much.

7. You will desire a more befitting car

You will desire a more befitting car

As you sojourn from your place of residence to other places, you would love a car that is quite sensible. A car that could properly sit a toddler or lay a baby will be very suitable. And you would love it to have one.

If you are able to meet the car purchase expenses, that would be fine! If you don’t, you would covet you did.

Some cars are even so sensible that they have room enough for little kids that play a lot around and should your kids be playful like a Tom and Jerry, you would wish you got one for their sake.

This all tells that you may have to be more diligent to get the best that befits your child or children as the case may be. But even if you do not have the financial capabilities, you are still good to go.

8. You have to give your pets a second place

Many of us are fond of pets. From dogs to cats to doves to fish etc. many of us often rear some pet.

This is wonderful.

It is even now not able to find out that some people fall in love with their pets that they do not care for kids or hubbies anymore. If you are not going to be among those extremists, but desire to raise great human kids like you were, then prepare to give your pets the second affection.

Pets are kind of lovable. But you should show your kids greater love.

If you rear intelligent pets they would understand the cause for your affection shift. I assure you! In fact, I recall when Harriet was two, we had to let Jack, our pet dog use the backyard. I needed to ensure Harriet does not eat Jack’s leftover, and likewise, Jack stays away from Rose’s little food.

And it worked! Jack understood very well, the change in the scheme of things.

My hubby, Abraham, and I now loved it more for that. Whenever we were at home, especially on weekends, we allowed Jack in under close watch. All these adjustments continued till Harriet became four and she was able to cope well with Jack.

9. Diapers overturn

The initial time your baby leaks through his pants will be the eye-opener.

The eye-opener that you begin to wonder how many times you would have to do this again and again. Your white clothes will have to keep reluctant holidays, considering this alone. I remembered that it was until Charles clocked about three that I fully resumed my white clothing.

You know attiring in whites had been what I admire the most. I just had to discourage it for some time.

Another thing you would notice is that there are no one-size-fits-all diapers. The diapers are not all the same, you would discover. You would have to change them only a few months after.

10. Sing and dance

I was rather not the ‘sing and dance’ type. But the moment I got Charles and he was two years, I began to sing and dance it all.

Music is something that greatly excites your little kids when growing up.

Music thrills them a lot. Now it is not just the music they hear on the radio or on TV. They have some natural inclination to hear you make meaningful and beautiful sounds to their hearing.

They love it when you sing. They love it more when you dance. They even now love it more when you go the extra mile teaching them the poems and songs.

You would see all these affirmative responses from all of them. This is one activity you would come to adapt to as well as enjoy. It’s going to be all fun and goodness. I think this is the only feature that actually cracks my ribs when I was a younger parent.

11. Motherhood period is really fantastic

Do you think this motherhood period is really fantastic? You would most likely think so. But don’t wait till the time for parenting.

Endeavor to prepare for it. Show your kids what it means to be a nice mother.

You can be certain they would continue to keep the memories and replicate these gestures when they become really mature and become responsible parents as well.

Alexandra Reay is an editor and professional writer at Proessaywriting. She is also a regular contributor to AssignmentGeek. Alexandra is fond of horse-riding, reading and rock music. Alexandra keeps her spirit in writing fluent articles as well.

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