Sleeping positions say about your love-life

Sleeping positions say about your love-life

Sleeping is a very personal and vulnerable experience.

We tend to show our true emotions during sleep, when we are intoxicated and when we are triggered. It is constantly in our minds as to whether our partners love us or not, whether we have been together for a week or for years.

Good news! Now you can know whether the love is still intact or not.

How you sleep with your partner in bed can say a lot about how you two feel about each other. Do not be surprised to find out that you don’t feel the same way about the significant other like you once did.

Below is a list of some sleeping positions that can take your love life to a whole new level 

1. Trust the spoon

Spooning is the most common and the most practiced sleeping position of couples all over the world. If you are a couple, you must spoon.

Nothing screams out trust more than spooning.

The man or the woman uses his or her entire body to wrap the other person from the back. The person being wrapped up feels safe in the arms of his or her beloved.

Spooning couples, in cozy pillows and mattresses, ensure more comfort. This is an expression of utmost trust. I am pretty sure all couples have tried this at the beginning of their relationships. If not, try it out today!

2. A little loose spoon

Loose spoon is when the couples are spooning but a little distantly. It does not in any way signify a lack of love between the two. Rather, a little space is always healthy for a relationship.

When you are constantly together physically, you will naturally want some space. The man or the woman can place his or her arm over the other while loose spooning. You do not have to be tightly knotted to express love for each other. A little brush of the arm says a lot.

3. Kissing with your backs

Kissing your backs

Who says you can only kiss with your mouths? You can also do so with your backs! Can you imagine spooning and loose spooning every time you sleep together?

Nope. You need some variety.

Instead of facing each other, couples can face the other way but still, keep in touch with their backs. If you are the self-conscious type, now you can relax and sleep knowing that your significant other cannot see your awkward facial expressions. You will also not feel completely detached, as your back is in contact with your partner. All in all, this position ensures a balance of space and intimacy throughout the night.

4. Still on your honeymoon

This undoubtedly is the most romantic way to sleep through the night. Both partners face each other and hold each other in a loving embrace using all their limbs. The embrace is nothing like an ordinary hug. You can feel the other’s heartbeat and the heat of their breath on your face.

Love is at its peak if couples are doing the honeymoon in bed.

Normally, this position is inspired after intense lovemaking. Do not be surprised if you find yourself doing the honeymoon with your ex, as this gesture is a great way to realize how much you have loved each other.

5. Shingle to mingle

Shingles dictate reliability.

One partner will lay on his or her back, while the other rests his or her head on the other’s chest. The other can stroke the partner lying on his or her chest, expressing a beautiful illustration of companionship.

The person lying on his or her back is most likely the leader in the relationship. He or she definitely wears the crown, but also cares about the other deeply. You can also apply for this position on the couch, instead of the bed while watching television or just laying around talking.

There is an exchange of the role of the protector and the protected in this kind of placement.

6. The cradle of love

Cradle of love

The cradle of love is the more intimate version of the Shingles.

The couples hold each other with more affection and the power play does not exist here. The person lying on the other’s chest or shoulders can wrap his or her arms and legs around the other. It almost feels like you are floating in the ocean.

Trust, care,and commitment are super obvious if you are doing this with your partner. There is no scope for doubt.

7. Tangled fairytale

The heading says it all. It does feel like a fairy tale when couples are tangled in an eternal embrace. It can appear quite clingy, and it is clingy!

This position, however, allows the partners to express their love for each other wholeheartedly, with no limitations. If you are okay with a little clinging and co-dependency, you will enjoy this position.

You can hold each other with your arms and legs, and place your nose either below their chins or over their cheeks to get the maximum pleasure out of this sleeping placement.

If anyone of you is having a bad day, this will definitely give the support either of you has been craving.

8. Legs entwined

The Leg hug is a funny one. It can express two things. One, a non-clingy kind of love. Two, a bridge to connect after a fight.

Our legs respond to our fight or flight nature.

The person who reaches out with his or her leg is the one desiring connection. Maybe he or she has been feeling a lack of intimacy. If you are both using your legs to hug the other, that implies a relationship close to the honeymoon phase. Who needs money when you can have a love like this?

9. Chasing the prize

Chasing the prize

Chase is plain spooning.

The only difference is that the one turning away is the one who is either disinterested or just wants to play hard to get. The person facing away can have a strong sense of entitlement or a sensitive past.

Usually, partners like this are difficult to deal with.

The chaser can be chasing the person for a long time and still not get any commitment or trust. To inspire love between the two, talk to the chased person about his or her insecurities.

If the chased person can open up and learn to trust, the Chase can finally transform into a Spoon. A happy ending nonetheless.

10. The helpless crab

The helpless crab

When one of the spouses is sleeping like a crab, with his or her limbs outstretched like that – that person is having some inner issues in the relationship. If you are one of those people, or your partner is, you have to dig for the truth.  Are you unsatisfied in the relationship? My bet is, yes you are. What do you not like about your partner? What will you change to make things better?

Crabs hide when they are scared or vulnerable.

If you are feeling like that in the relationship, it is time to talk to a relationship coach.

11. The spacehog

If either of you is sleeping like this, it is a bad sign. A person sleeps like the spacehog when they care little about the person they are sharing their bed with. This person does not care about you at all.

Whether this is a new relationship or an old one, this placement suggests that you should go your separate ways. We are always told not to attempt to change our partners, and we probably never can.

Hence, it is wiser to sit down with the other person and have a long conversation about the quality of the relationship that you two are in. If you both agree on that is it not working anymore, let it go.

However, the person doing the spacehog can have a dominating personality. If his or her dominant nature becomes harmful, you should find someone better to be with.

12. The cliffhanger confusion

We are at the end of the list. The cliffhanger is a confusing position. One or both of the partners are left wondering why no intimacy is being established between them. They will both be facing the other way, but not touching each other, with their backs or legs.

They will seem more comfortable detached from each other than together.

In the Chase, one person is usually interested in the other. But here, none of them are. The passion may have disappeared from the relationship or there was nothing, to begin with. Lose no hope. You do not have to stay with this person forever. You always have a chance at love. It’s your right!

What is your sleeping style?

Identify your sleep position
If you found that your sleeping styles match the Spoon, the Honeymoon, the Shingle, the Cradle or the Tangle – you have nothing to worry about. Your partner loves you with all his or her heart.

Meanwhile, if you have found your sleeping styles coinciding with the Chase, the Crab, the Cliffhanger or the Spacehog – you have to make some serious decisions. You don’t have to waste your time investing in a relationship that is no longer working.

Although if you give time, things can change for the better. However, if all your attempts have failed to turn trash into a gem, move on.

Pray for a love that feels like the Honeymoon.

Stepheny is a content writer at FeedFond. She’s an avid reader, mother of two children and a relationship expert. She loves sharing her experiences and thoughts with her readers. So, to read more of her articles visit

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