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gift ideas for your wife

There is a saying that you should never stop dating your spouse. No matter how many years you have been together, you should never stop pursuing them as if you just met. One way to keep this spark alive is through gift giving. You can either present your wife with something special on her birthday or on your anniversary, or you can just give a gift as a reminder of how much you love her. While the gift should be personal and come from the heart, here are 25 gift ideas for your wife to get you started.

Our Top Five Gift Ideas for Wives

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25 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

1. Premium Deluxe Bath and Body Gift Basket

When life has your wife stressed out, you can gift her the gift of relaxation through this premium deluxe bath and body gift basket by Purelis. It is a large basket full of items that can be used to create the atmosphere of a spa right in your own home. Show your wife that she deserves to take a break and be pampered every now and then.

This gift comes in a very large gift basket, organized in a way that makes it presentation ready upon arrival. Inside the basket is a collection of home spa items. You can choose from three different scents for the theme of the basket. The main scent is lavender and coconut oils. You can also purchase this basket in lavender and chamomile as well as warm vanilla sugar and coconut milk. These other two scents have different items in the gift basket than the regular lavender and coconut oil, but the manufacturer is the same.

Purelis’s theme is “refresh. Recharge. Rejuvenate.” All their products aim to do just that. All the products that are included are all natural, so you do not need to worry what is being rubbed into your skin when you use them. Instead, all you need to worry about is not falling asleep from complete relaxation.

There are three main ingredients in all the items. The first is Lavender. Lavender is a natural stress reliever found in nature. It not only helps to relax you, it is also known to soothe skin and relieve inflammation. Coconut is the second ingredient in the gift items. Coconut works best with your hair. It helps give hair a natural and healthy shine. The last main ingredient is shea butter. Shea butter is a natural collagen that helps moisturize your skin. It also helps strengthen your skin and prevent wrinkles.

There are twenty items in total that comes in the Lavender and coconut gift basket. These are a lavender bubble bath, shea butter body wash, shampoo with coconut, hand cream for after your bath, body butter to replenish your skin, bath salts with aromatherapy, shea butter bath caviar, three fizzy bath bombs, a handmade soap bar using essential oils, a lavender chamomile body mist, an aromatherapy candle, wooden reflexology stick, pumice and brush combo stick, spa bath mitts, extra long back scrubber loofah, mesh bath pouf, and a pair of luxurious spa slippers in a matching deep purple color.


  • There are plenty of items for all stages of bath time.
  • The items are made from natural ingredients.
  • They come pre-packed in a gift box.


  • The products aren’t the most expensive products.
  • Some of the lavender items do not have as strong of a scent.

2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh By Marc Jacobs

Perfumes are a luxury item that should only be bought by someone who knows the receiver personally. Finding the right perfume for someone can be as variable as buying someone eyeshadow or mascara. There are things to take in consideration such as allergies, scents preferred by the wearer, and scents preferred by the significant other. This is why perfume has so often become associated with being a very intimate gift, because the giver shows how intimately he knows the receiver that he feels confident gifting an item that will have such a strong effect on the wearer as this new scent will become an identifier.

If your wife has a favorite perfume, it is always best to stay with what she knows and loves. If she does not, try gifting her this scent by Marc Jacobs called Daisy. It is a fresh, floral scent that is light enough to be worn every day and blend in with your wife’s natural scent instead of masking it.

Daisy Eau So Fresh was launched in 2011 by Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs is an American Fashion designer. He focuses on the combination of fashion, make up, an fragrance to create unique and beautiful images for people. This perfume is one of his more subtle offerings that is light enough to suit all tastes.

This perfume is a mix of floral and fruity scents. It has notes of grapefruit, green notes, raspberry and pear as the top notes. The middle notes are jasmine, rose, violet, litchi, and apple blossom; at the base of the fragrance are notes of musk and Virginia cedar and plum. This is an eau de toilette. This means that it has about 5-9% perfume oils.


  • This is a very intimate gift.
  • The scent is light enough for everyday wear.
  • Multiple sizes are available.


  • The scent is not as strong as other perfumes.

3. Homesick Scented Candle

Sometimes the best gifts are the intangible items, the things that are impossible to wrap up with a bow. One gift is that of home. Home is an idea, a place where we feel the most comfortable. If your wife moved away from her home to be with you, there is a good possibility she may sometimes miss that childhood home of hers. While you cannot bring the actual home across the miles, you can gift her this candle that is made to smell just like your home.

These Homesick candles by Homesick are all-natural candles that are made in the USA. Each candle has a unique scent that reflects the common scents of a specific state or area. The candle was hand-poured in small batches in order to preserve the quality. It is made from all-natural soy wax. In total, this candle will burn for 60 to 80 hours. Homesick does not just create candles for specific places, they also create candles for memories such as summer camp, Friday Night Football, or old books. There is a special line of country Homesick candles also available for select countries.

The candle is here to inspire memories. The company is a relatively new business, just having started in 2016. It was started by a group of homesick individuals who were all living in New York. They began hand-pouring handles in their kitchen using scents specific to different areas in order to help ease the homesickness. Common scents from specific areas may include fresh rain and dirt or sweet blackberries. Those southern states that are known for their magnolias will have a subtle hint of magnolia. Southern California’s candle will have that crisp scent from the sea breeze. Each place has a unique scent that will take you home again.


  • This candle is a more sentimental gift.
  • You can customize the candle to the location your spouse lives.


  • Some locations’ scents are not as pleasant as other.

4. Super Soft Cashmere Scarf

When it comes to clothing, there are items that are necessities and items that are accessories. Necessities include new shirts and pants. These are items your wife probably purchases on a regular basis. Accessories, on the other hand, are not an item that she would need for day to day living, but would definitely be appreciated to spruce up her outfit. Because they are not as needed, she may not be as inclined to purchase new accessories herself. Use this opportunity of gift giving to spoil your wife a little with this beautiful, high-quality scarf. It is not only an accessory to add a little color to your wife’s outfit, it also works well to keep her warm during those chilly winter months.

These fringed scarves by Silverhooks are beautiful and very soft. There are twenty-five different color options to choose from. These colors range from bright oranges and greens to subtle navy and black. They are the perfect size for wrapping around yourself to remain warm. They measure 12” by 64.5” which is large enough to both wrap around your neck and cover your chest area. There is also enough room for styling the scarf and playing with a variety of wrapping styles. The scarves arrive in gift boxes, all ready to present!

The scarves are made from cashmere wool. Cashmere wool is extra soft wool made from goat hair. Cashmere is prized for its soft texture in combination with its durability without compromising on its comfort. The soft material of cashmere is safe enough to wear in direct contact with your skin without worrying about a rash or other skin irritation. Cashmere is also an excellent isolator and will keep you warm in all weather. Due to the light nature of cashmere, it is also a material that can be worn comfortably in the spring and fall as well without overheating.


  • There are many color options to choose from.
  • They are very high-quality scarves.
  • They are long enough to be versatile in their styles.
  • They come with a gift box.
  • The scarves are well-insulated for all weather.


  • The color tends to vary when ordering the scarf online.
  • The scarf is not thick enough for extreme cold weather.

5. THE PEARL SOURCE 14K Gold Pearl Necklace

If you are ever in doubt as to what to gift your wife, one great go-to gift will always be jewelry. When it comes to jewelry, there are thousands of styles and options available. It can be quite overwhelming finding the perfect piece. Styles are constantly changing and shifting. One classic piece, though, has stood the test of time for decades. That is the pearl necklace.

Necklaces are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. Earrings are beautiful, but only work for women who have their ears pierced. Bracelets can be a nice gift, but they cannot be worn for all occasions due to activities. Necklaces are one piece of jewelry that can be worn for nearly all occasions and work with any outfit. The classic pearl necklace is one of the most versatile of the necklace options. It is subtle enough to be worn with a plain turtleneck, but classy enough to embellish that little black dress.

The necklace is made out of high-quality, genuine materials. It has round white freshwater cultured pearls. The difference between freshwater and saltwater pearls are subtle, but worth noting. Freshwater tends to have a softer luster than saltwater. Saltwater pearls are brighter shine on the outside. Saltwater pearls used to be more popular due to the fact that they take longer to produce, making them rare. Freshwater pearls have now become just as popular because of the fact that they tend to be more durable than saltwater. The necklace comes with a pearl source guarantee as proof of the authenticity of the pearls.

The necklace can be customized to fit the specific look you are going to. This specific necklace is 18 inches long. You can then choose the color of the clasp. The options are either a white gold or yellow gold. Either choice will be genuine 14 K gold. You can then select the pearl size you would like. The pearls are tapered, with the smaller pearls being near the back of the neck, while the larger pearls hang in the front for comfort. The change in size between the smaller pearls and the larger pearls is only a half millimeter. You can choose from as small as 7mm to as large as 10.5mm. The necklace comes in a beautiful gift box.


      • Pearl necklaces are very versatile for wear.
      • They are genuine pearls.
      • You can choose from a variety of sizes.


      • The fishhook clasp can be difficult to manage.

6. THE PEARL SOURCE Genuine White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings

If you are considering gifting the pearl necklace previously mentioned, or have already gifted a pearl necklace, a great complimentary gift would be a matching pair of pearl earrings. These earrings have the same high quality has the pearl necklace and are subtle enough to be worn either every day or reserved for elegant occasions.

These earrings are a pair of round, white freshwater pearls that hang daintily on a silver fishhook. A tiny diamond is placed above the pearl. The pearls are hung from a sterling silver mount, with a diamond made from cubic zirconium for an added sparkle. The pearls themselves measure between 9 to 10mm and are white, freshwater cultured pearls. A certificate of authenticity comes with the earrings to demonstrate their high-quality.

The Pearl Source is an online jewelry store whose main industry is pearls. Because of this, they are experts in the field of pear jewelry and know how to manufacture high-quality jewelry from pearls. The earrings come in a beautiful jewelry box ready to present to your significant other.


      • These earrings match the previously mentioned pearl necklace.
      • They are made from real pearls.
      • They come in a gift box.


      • The fishhook part of the earring bends easily.

7. THE PEARL SOURCE 14K Gold Round White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Since both the Pearl Source necklace and earrings have been reviewed, here is the matching bracelet to complete the set. Depending on the occasion, each of the Pearl Source items can be purchased on separate occasions, or they can be given together as a stunning, classy set of pearl jewelry.

Just like the other items from the Pearl Source, the bracelet is also made from high-quality round white freshwater cultured pearls. The pearls measure between 7 and 8mm. They are clasped by a 14K gold fishhook clasp. You can choose from either white gold or yellow gold for the clasp. You can choose the length of the bracelet itself to make sure it fits your wife’s wrist. The sizes range from 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches. All bracelets come with a certification of authenticity backing the high-quality real pearls. The bracelet also comes in a beautiful gift box, ready for presentation.


      • The bracelet is made from real pearls.
      • There are different sizes to choose from for the bracelet length.
      • The bracelet matches the necklace and earrings previously mentioned.


      • The fishhook clasp can be difficult to use.

8. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Gift giving does not need to only be about giving beautiful, sentimental gifts full of deep meaning. Sometimes gift giving can be about giving an item your loved one does not have but needs, or may not even realize they could use. It is a way of finding something they would not have gotten themselves. It could be an attractive accessory, or it could be a practical gadget that will make their lives easier. This desk lamp falls in the latter category. It is the desk lamp your wife may not have even realized she wanted. She can finally toss the old click lamp, and switch it for this high tech lamp that is highly customizable for all uses.

There are so many aspects to this lamp that make is so much more than just an average bedside or desk lamp. To start off with, there is its outward appearance. Instead of a regular lamp that shines evenly around the room, this lamp is designed to light only the specified area. It is shaped in an upside down L shape for this purpose. In this way, you can illuminate a paper or reading material without the light shining in your own eyes, or waking your partner up if you use it during a nighttime reading.

Not only is it an L shape, but it can also be adjusted and moved about. There are two main areas of adjustability. The first is at the base. The place where the L connects to the base has a two-way maneuverability feature. It can be moved forward and backward to move the light closer to you or further downwards. Or, it can spin so that you can move it from side to side while keeping the base grounded. The joint is at the neck of the L shape. This allows you to either fold the light up entirely for storage or travel, or you can spin it 90 degrees in order to shine it either down at the desk, or forward on a hanging item and into the entire room. These two points of adjustability allow you to get the light exactly where you need it to go and to avoid shining it where it may hurt people’s eyes.

In total, the lamp measures 16 inches tall and 14 inches outwards at the top lamp portion. The base measures 7.1 inches in diameter. In addition to the lamp on top, the back of the light has a USB port so that you can easily charge your phone or other devices right where you can access it. You also do not need to worry about wasting a port on your lamp, since you can then use it to still charge your mobile devices.

The second aspect of the light that makes it better than a regular lamp is its actual lighting capabilities. Across the base of the lamp is a myriad of buttons. Each button controls another aspect of the light in order to achieve the perfect color and brightness. The controls are easy to use by simply sliding your finger across the buttons until you have reached the lighting mode that you desire.  There are seven different brightness levels to choose from ranging from very dim for those late night reading sessions to extra bright when you are doing intricate work.

In addition to the brightness, there are also five different lighting modes to choose from. These change the actual color of the light itself. Some colors are harsher on the eyes than others, while others make it better to see exact colors for specific work than some. You can choose from natural light, cool white, white, yellow, and warm yellow. Each one sets a specific mood for the room and can save your eyes in the long run.

Even with all these controls and capabilities, the lamp is very energy efficient. You can reduce your electric bill by up to 75% with this lamp in comparison to other lamps with their higher energy usage. it operates on 10V and 12W power for the LED panel.  It uses an LED bulb. The USB port has the capability of a 5V output. In the box, you will receive the desk lamp, a power adaptor, and a user guide. It will be ready to use straight out of the box. You can either choose from white or black for the color of the lamp itself.


      • The lamp is highly adjustable.
      • It can be customized to shine exactly where it needs to.
      • It saves energy.
      • There are multiple different color and brightness settings.


      • This gift is more practical than personal.
      • The lamp does not have a very long lifespan.

9. SUN-E Owl Pot Ceramic Set

Flowers are a very popular gift to give to wives. Unfortunately, flowers do fade and die after only a short amount of time if they are purchased as pre-cut bouquets. If you would still like to present your wife with a plant-themed gift, but would like it to last much longer, try succulents. They will not only last longer than a regular bouquet, but they will also last longer than potted flowers that only blossom in their season. On top of that, most succulents are much easier to care for than regular flowers. To take the gift of succulents a notch higher, gift them in this beautiful set of owl succulent plant pots by SUN-E.

This set of succulent owl pots includes six unique owls. Each owl measures about 2.4 inches tall by 2.2 inches wide. The bottom of the pots each has a drainage hole to keep from water build up and the production of mold. The design is very contemporary and is sure to brighten up any room with the splash of color the owls afford. The pots are all ceramic and very durable. The plants are not included with the pots. The pots themselves are very versatile. They do not need to be limited to only being plant pots. They can also hold other decorative items, or even candy. The pots are so striking, they would work well just sitting by themselves as decoration in any room.


      • There are six pots in each pack, each pot unique.
      • They are versatile in their use.
      • They are very affordable.


      • They are rather small, and would only work with succulents, not herbs or larger plants.
      • They do not come with succulents.

10. Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

Most households have only two comfortable places to relax. Those are your bed and a recliner or sofa in the living room. The main similarity between these two places is that they are both indoors. Gifting your wife a hammock allows her a third place where she can relax and unwind, and that is the out of doors. The outdoors have many health benefits as well as being a relaxing environment. You have fresher air to breathe and your body can absorb vitamin D, which helps boost your immune system against bacteria and viruses. The best part of this hammock is that it is large enough for your wife to take a cuddle buddy along with her, whether you or one of the kids, so that she does not have to decide between relaxing and spending quality time with family.

Finding the perfect hammock is very easy with all the options available from Vivere. To begin with, you can select the material you would like your hammock to be made from. The main material is cotton. This hammock is made from 100% cotton which is very breathable and great for lying in on those hot summer days without overheating. It is a Brazilian style hammock which means that the weave is very tight so that you can relax securely inside.  The cotton hammock should be hand washed in cold water with non-bleach detergent. It should also be brought inside during bad weather. If those rules are followed, it can last for years. The cotton hammock measures 63 inches by 94 inches. It can hold two full-size adults, or 450 pounds of weight.

The second material available is the polyester material. Just like the cotton, it is also a Brazilian style hammock with a tight weave. The polyester makes this hammock extra soft, while still being durable. The polyester material makes this hammock more resistant to mildew and dirt from being outside. When there is dirt on the hammock, you simply need to wipe it off. Between uses, clean it with soap and water, then rinse it and let it air dry outside. It measures 63 inches by 94 inches and can hold two adults, or 450 pounds.

The third option is the Sunbrella. This is one of the most weather resistant hammock materials. Again, it is a Brazilian style hammock. While it is very durable throughout the weather, it is still nearly as comfortable as the cotton hammock. The Sunbrella material is resistant to stains as well as the mildew and rot that material is susceptible to in the outdoors. The fabric also is resistant to chlorine as well as any other chemicals that may be in the atmosphere. The hammock is easy to wash using mild soap and lukewarm water. After rinsing it, leave the hammock outside to air dry. This hammock measures 54 inches by 95 inches and can hold up to two adults or 450 pounds.

There are about nineteen different color options to choose from with the hammock. This is the second decision that would need to be made when choosing this hammock. Not all colors are available in each fabric. On one hand, there are the neutral and plain colors such as beige or shades of blues. On the other, you can purchase a striped pattern in either a neutral color scheme or bright, vivid colors.

The hammock comes in a storage bag for easily transporting it from location to location. In addition to the storage bag, it also comes with its own stand. This is very handy as not everyone has two evenly spaced trees in their backyard. The stand also makes it possible to set up the hammock on a porch or even inside. The stand measures 9 feet and is constructed out of heavy duty steel. You can quickly set the stand up without even having to use any tools. The height on the stand is 43 inches.

Altogether, the set includes the hammock, a stand, and a carry case. Other accessories by Vivere are available for purchase separately. If you would like to be able to move the hammock from place to place easier without having to take it down each time, you can purchase wheels to attach to the hammock frame. If you would like to be able to use the hammock without the frame entirely, there are three different attachment options such as double hooks, tree straps, or hanging chains so that the hammock can be hung up virtually anywhere.


      • The hammock has many options to optimize it to your situation.
      • It comes with its own frame.
      • There are many different color options.
      • Its weight limit is high enough to hold two people.


      • It only comes with a frame, other hanging means have to be purchased separately.
      • The frame is not the sturdiest.

11. Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Many couples have gifted each other mugs at some point in their relationship. If you are married, it is a good possibility you have received a set of mugs as a wedding gift or otherwise. If you wife loves coffee or other hot drinks, do not think that this means you cannot get her any more coffee holders. Perhaps another mug might not be needed, but another thermos may be just the thing she needs on this particular occasion.

Contigo is known as one of the more popular manufacturers of thermoses due to their unique auto seal feature they have installed on most of their products. The auto-seal feature automatically seals up the drinking spout of the thermos between sips in order to cut down on the amount of coffee spills when drinking. These Contigo thermoses are very easy to drink from and only require one hand. The top opens with a simple click of a button.

These Contigo thermoses come in twenty different color options from neutral silvers and blacks to vivid purples and greens. You can also purchase the thermoses in either 16 ounces, 20 ounces, or 24 ounces. The thermoses can hold both hot drinks and cold drinks. Hot drinks will stay hot for up to 5 hours, while cold drinks will stay cold for up to 12 hours. This is thanks to the THERMALOCK vacuum insulation. Also the fact that the thermos seals between each sip, not only locking in the drips, but also the temperature of the beverage. The thermos lid is top rack dishwasher safe, but the body of the thermos should be hand-washed in order to preserve the quality of the thermos.


      • This gift can be customized by size and color.
      • The thermos is spill-proof.
      • This gift is also very practical.


      • This is not a very personal gift.
      • The thermos body needs to be hand-washed

12. ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow

The gift of relaxation can take on many forms. There was the previously mentioned spa basket or a relaxing outdoor hammock, now you can gift her relaxation during those night hours to help her fall into a deeper sleep and make the most of those precious few hours of slumber. This silk eye pillow from ASUTRA will help your wife relax, sleep deeper, and wake up more refreshed.

There are three items included in this package. The first is the zippered silk eye pillow. This eye pillow is available in four different colors. It is made from 100% pure silk. The silk is both cool on the skin and soft to the touch. The eye pillow features a front section with a raised area for the nose. A strap wraps around your head in order to keep it in place. This strap is adjustable in order to fit your head precisely.

The pillow zips open in order to fill it. This pillow already comes filled with a generous portion of lavender and flax seeds. These help to add pressure and the soothing aroma of lavender is calming. Lavender is known to both relax the body and reduce inflammation. The scents will help relax your wife while the flax seed adds added pressure for comfort. The amounts can be adjusted to whatever weight and scent strength is desired. In addition, the filling can be replaced with whatever you would like to use.

The second item in the pack is a zippered muslin bag. This is the second option if you do not want to use the silk eye pillow. The muslin bag is stiffer so it will gift a different feel for those who would like a stiffer eye mask. You just need to remove the filling from the silk eye pillow and place it in the muslin bag. The muslin bag does not have the strap around the head to keep it in place.

The last item is a free gift that comes with the mask. It is a gel eye mask. This gel eye mask can be placed in the fridge to cool. The gel will then hold in the cool as you place it on your face. A head strap will hold the gel mask in place while eye holes allow you to go about your day and tasks with the mask on. This cooling gel eye mask helps to reduce stress and ease tension.

Eye masks have many great uses. They are ideal for sleeping. The weight and scents help to relax the body so it is more ready to fall into a deeper more satisfying rest. The material completely blocks out light so that you can sleep at any point day or night. The mask also works well to be used along with meditation or yoga due to its soothing effects.


      • This is a great way to help your wife relax.
      • The filling can be replaced easily and as often as you would like.
      • The mask comes with a free gel eye mask.


      • The prepackaged lavender can be overwhelmingly strong.
      • The head strap is slightly flimsy.

13. Leather Writing Journal Notebook, MALEDEN

If your wife likes to write, whether general notes or keeping a journal, this beautiful leather journal is a practical and stunning gift option for all her writing needs. This journal is great for sliding into a drawer in your bedside table or slipping into a purse. It is small enough to take with you wherever you go, yet large enough to fill with your thoughts, sketches, and notes.

The journal is made from high-quality PU leather. It is both soft to the touch and very durable so that it can be taken with on trips and in your purse without compromising the content. The leather comes in five different color options. The front of the journal has a large nautical compass engraved. A corresponding nautical charm is attached to a leather string. This string wraps around the entire journal to keep is securely closed between uses. Another string is attached to the binding. This is a bookmark so you always know where you are in your journal. There is an anchor charm attached to the end of the bookmark. The entire journal measures 5 inches by 7 inches.

Inside the journal is not just a pretty cover. the pages inside are also very convenient and versatile. The pages are held in by a spiral ring binder. This allows for the pages to be refillable. When you fill up the journal, you can take the pages out, tie them for storage, and refill the journal with new pages to begin again. The pages are A6 sized papers. Each page is blank. This allows you to use the journal for whatever you need it for. You can either write, sketch, stick in photographs as a photo album, or print out custom pages. The original journal comes with 80 sheets of paper for a total of 160 pages. The paper is smooth craft paper that will not bleed from pens.


      • This is a refillable journal.
      • It comes in a variety of colors.
      • It is small enough to carry with you.


      • The manufacturer’s logo is embossed on the front of the journal.
      • It may be too small for more serious journaling.

14. Fitbit charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Fitbit is more than just a regular wristwatch. It is like a small mobile phone that is easily accessible on your wrist. It monitors your day, time, and your health all with a few simple clicks of a button. The main focus of the Fitbit is to keep you healthy. This is a great gift for your wife, especially if she lives a busy lifestyle, to keep track of her day to day health as well as organize her life using the Fitbit.

The Fitbit comes in six different colors. This way you can have a Fitbit that matches your personality. Not only can you choose your own color, you can also choose your own size. There are three sizes that range from small, which measures 5.5 -6.7 inches all the way to the large size which measures 6.7-8.1 inches. The Fitbit does have interchangeable bands so you can switch out the bands as the band wears out and still keep the Fitbit. The Fitbit functions in temperatures as low as 14 degrees and as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as in altitudes as high as 30,000 feet.

The Fitbit is first and foremost a health tracker. You wear the Fitbit on your wrist all day and it can keep track of your activity. It will monitor your heart rate throughout the day, your sleep patterns, and counts your steps. You can then sync the Fitbit up with your mobile device in order to store the data and track the changes in your health. The Fitbit can calculate how many calories are being burnt each day through your regular activities. By tracking your heart rate, the Fitbit will guide you through breathing exercises throughout your day in order to keep your heart at a healthy level.

The Fitbit also works well to monitor your exercises. You have three modes to choose from: fat burn, cardio, and peak. This helps monitor your heart rate during your workout in order to achieve the desired results. It can also be synced with the GPS so that it can track the distance you run as well as track the pace you are running at. While the Fitbit is not waterproof, it is splash proof so it can handle your sweat or be splashed when you wash your hands.

If your Fitbit is synced up with your mobile device, you can also receive regular notifications on the watch. the watch automatically has the time and date. It can also give you notifications from your calendar, when someone is calling you, and when someone is texting you. The watch helps you break away from your phone so you can put your mobile device away without worrying about missing important messages. The Fitbit connects wirelessly to most laptops and mobile devices.


      • This is a great way to track your health.
      • It comes in a variety of colors.
      • The Fitbit connects wirelessly to your mobile devices.
      • It shows notifications from your mobile device.


      • The Fitbit can be very sensitive to any movements, which is counts as steps.
      • It is not very waterproof.

15. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

Kitchen appliances may not seem like the most romantic gifts to present to your wife on her special occasion, but this Ninja blender may be one very big exception. This is more than just a device for helping her make dinner. It has so much potential for creating healthy snacks, fun meals, and refreshing drinks all throughout her day. This blender is more powerful than the regular blender, with more options, making it a must-have for every kitchen.

This blender has incredible power and versatility in its uses. It has about a thousand watts of power. The blender can hold up to 64 ounces of liquid, making it great for both personal snacks as well as blending up treats for the entire family. While it can hold 64 ounces of liquid, it has a total capacity of 72 ounces. The blender is made from plastic, not glass.

This blender can blast through any item placed inside, no matter how frozen. It has a six-blade assembly. This crushes ice faster and blends smoother than regular blenders. It is great for making smoothies, crushing ice, blending, pureeing, and processing food. It can complete each task in a matter of seconds to the perfect consistency. The blender comes with a recipe book to get you started on your blending journey, filled with delicious dips, purees, margaritas, frozen drinks, ice cream, and so many other treats that this blender is capable of creating.

The blender has a very compact design. The base of the blender has five buttons, making it very easy to control. The bottom of the control panel has a low, medium, and high button signaling how strong the blend should be. On top is a power button and a pulse button. The blending pitcher is square. The side of the pitcher is marked with the measurements in both ounces and cups for more precise cooking. A lid covers the top to prevent spillage during the blending process. You can then easily pour out the mixture when you are finished through a small spout. The spout is covered by a hinged lid so you do not need to remove the entire blender lid to pour out the contents, making it more convenient and mess-free.


      • This blender has a very large capacity.
      • It is very powerful and can blend even ice in a matter of seconds.
      • The controls are very easy to use.


      • The container is plastic, not glass.

16. Timex women’s Easy Reader Two Tone Expansion Band Watch

Phones have slowly been replacing watches for many people because they offer so much more than just the time. For some, just the time is all they really need. In that case, a simple watch on the wrist tends to be more convenient and accessible and helps you break away from your mobile device. This elegant watch will match nearly all outfits your wife may wear while being classy enough to be worn with nicer outfits as well during the regular workday.

Timex is a very reliable brand when it comes to watches. They are able to create watches that will last for years. Long after your mobile device becomes outdated, this clock will still be ticking. It is a simple watch, but it does its job well. It does offer all the basic features that make a watch most convenient.

This is a two-tone watch, being both gold and silver. There are two different color options, either thing gold on the outside with a wide silver strip down the center, or silver on the outside with a gold strip down the center. The band is made from stainless steel and is expandable so it can easily fit on nearly any wrist. It comes in a polished gold-tone case.

The watch face itself is very simplistic in design. It has all twelve numbers written in Arabic numerals. The three is replaced with a window for the date. You are able to read the time in all types of lighting thanks to the indiglo light-up watch dial that helps you see even in the dark. The watch is water resistant up to 99 feet and is water resistant so you do not need to worry about washing your hands or being caught in the rain while wearing this watch.


      • It has a light-up watch dial.
      • There is a window for the date.
      • This is a classic and reliable watch.


      • The band is smaller and may not fit all wrists.

17. Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

Gifting your wife a good quality water bottle is both practical and encourages a healthier lifestyle. The Embrava sports water bottle is one of the best quality water bottles available. It comes in a variety of colors to match your wife’s personality. It is also very easy to take with you no matter where you are going from the gym to the office or just carrying it around at home.

The water bottle is available in gray, white, blue, and pink. It is neutral enough for any women’s taste. The outside of the bottle has the Embrava symbol as well as the motivational phrase “Fortune favors the brave.”

The water bottle is made from hard wearing, BPA-free Tristan Co-Polyester. It is designed to withstand the rough use of hikers, athletes, and bikers. It has undergone premium craftsmanship in order to create the top quality water bottle that is available.

The spout is very easy to drink out of. It is a plastic spout with a fast water-flow. A plastic lid clips over top the spout along with a stopper to keep the spout from leaking. The lid is then locked with a latch so that it will not pop open on its own.

The entire water bottle is made to accommodate the active lifestyle. It has a very sleek shape and design that can fit in cup holders, bike water bottle holders, and backpacks. It is also easy to grip in your hand. The tall and thin design allows you to carry around up to 32 ounces of liquids without the discomfort of a bulky water bottle. There are markings down the side for measuring the amount of liquid inside the water bottle. The water bottle also has a wrist strap that is durable and can attach to your arm or backpack without you having to fear it breaking off. The entire lid is completely spill-proof.

Glass water bottles are becoming increasingly more popular in today’s society, mainly due to the many harmful chemicals that most plastics let off. These chemicals can hurt your health and affect that clean and crisp taste of water. This Embrava water bottle uses only the highest quality materials so that the water it holds is just as crisp and clear as what you would drink out of a glass water bottle. The best part is that you do not need to worry about dropping it and it shattering like you would with a glass water bottle.

The water bottle also comes with a “Hydration for Athletes” guide. This little PDF guide is meant to give a springboard in your new healthy lifestyle. It will give helpful tips, tricks, and facts about the importance of hydration and how to keep optimal hydration throughout your day and workout. The water bottle also comes with a free gift box which makes it even easier to give to your wife on her special occasion.


      • This is a practical gift.
      • It comes in a variety of colors.
      • It is large enough to hold a decent amount of water.
      • It is made from high-quality materials at an affordable price.


      • The water bottle tends to start leaking after extended use.


18. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Music is a great way to fill the silence, set the mood, and boost your spirits. There are so many ways to listen to music from your phone, laptop, or even your TV. Not all these devices have the best speaker. Now, with the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker, you can share your music with the entire room. This is a great gift for your wife, allowing her to have more control over her music.

The Bluetooth speaker has two high-sensitivity drivers and a patented bass port that help deliver a loud and crisp sound without any distortion. The Bluetooth feature allows you to pair the speaker up with any eligible device. This includes cell phones, laptops, iPads, and even TVs. The speaker can hold a connection for up to 66 feet. The high battery life can ensure you can listen to music for up to 24 hours uninterrupted.

The design is very lightweight, making it easy to take from place to place. It is also relatively small measuring about 2 inches by six inches by two inches. It weighs just 12.64 ounces in total. The speaker is available in three different vivid colors.

The controls on the speaker allow for flexibility in use. The top of the speaker has four clear controls. The controls are for power, volume up, volume down, play, and Bluetooth mode. There is also a built-in mic for using the speaker to answer your phone. Anker is compatible with Alexa, allowing you to use it with your home system.


      • This speaker has an extra long battery life.
      • There is a 66-foot range for connection.
      • It is available in a variety of colors.


      • This speaker works for home use but is not the best for filling up an entire party with music.

19. Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Neckband Headset

If your wife does not want to share her music with the entire room, or she wants it to be more portable for working out, here is another option for a gift that will allow her to listen to music on the go. This is Mpow’s Bluetooth headphone neckband headset.

This device allows for hands-free listening. It is wrapped around your neck and sits securely on your shoulder. The earbud wires run through the neckband and stick out each end of the neckband. They rest securely in your ears while you are listening to music. The earbuds are magnetized. This means that whenever they fall out your ears, or you drop them out of your ears, they will be pulled back towards the neckband to be securely clipped in. This prevents them from getting caught or flopping around during your daily activities.

This headphone device works very well for athletic activities. It is water resistant, so your sweat will not hurt the headset. It can also survive the movements associated with jogging. It will remain securely on your neck during athletic activities.

The earbuds are noise canceling. They use CVC6.0 noise canceling technology. This helps to filter out all the background noise so you can focus on your music during your run or other activity. The sound quality is very clear and easy to understand.

The headset works on Bluetooth technology. It can connect to most devices that have Bluetooth enabled. This will allow you to use the headphones to listen to music as well as answer calls. There are tiny microphones on the side of the neckband. This will pick up your voice for calls. There are also controls on the neckband so you can play, pause, and adjust the volume without having to pull out your mobile device. You can even switch between your music to the call through the headset.

The headphones weigh only 1.2 ounces, being one of the lightest neckband headsets available. One battery charge can last up to 13 hours of music. If you are not using the headphones, it can last up to 350 hours on standby time. The headphones can take up to three hours to go from a completely empty battery to fully charged again.


      • There are controls on the headset for controlling your music.
      • It connects wirelessly to your mobile devices.
      • There are magnets to hold your earbuds when you are not using them.


      • The earbuds do not always have a long lifespan before one goes out before the other.

20. Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser

While electronics make for some helpful gifts, there is nothing quite like gifting the simple pleasures of life. One of these being the ability to relax and enjoy a quiet day. This essential oil diffuser will allow your wife to unload her stress of the day as soon as she walks through the front door to gentle wafts of lavender or eucalyptus.

This aromatherapy diffuser is more than just a pretty ornament that lets off a scent. It is also a humidifier. The diffuser has a tank capacity of 300ml. When filled up, the diffuser can run for ten hours straight. There is an automatic shut off that will turn the diffuser off when the tank is empty. Otherwise, you can also set the timer for either 60 minutes, 180 minutes or 360 minutes.

The humidifier helps to add vapors into the air which purifies the air and helps prevent dry throats and chapped lips. It runs very quietly so your household will hardly even realize it is there. This is a cool mist humidifier. This means that there is no harmful steam that could hurt young children or yourself. It also has an adjustable mist mode. After using the humidifier, it is very easy to clean. Be sure to clean it regularly to prevent bacteria build-up.

The humidifier itself is very striking in appearance. It has a unique design that will compliment any home décor. The humidifier has three different color options to choose from. The humidifier measures 6.7 inches by 5.1 inches and weighs just 15.6 ounces. It has a wood grain look even though it is made from plastic.

It can be easily turned into an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser by dropping in a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Zen Breeze offers packages of multiple different scents to try out. Each scent has a unique effect from distressing you to helping you sleep at night. Essential oils are much more natural and healthy than many of the scents and chemicals released by candles and fragrance diffusers.

This diffuser is also a night light.  The top and a narrow ring around the center of the diffuser glow with subtle colors. There are fourteen different shades of colors to choose from. You can either specify one specific color for the light to remain on or have the nightlight cycle the colors.


      • This is a very healthy addition to any home.
      • There are multiple functions with this diffuser.
      • It is very adjustable.


      • This humidifier works best in smaller rooms.
      • Essential oils do not come with the humidifier.

21. Bedsure Sherpa Bed Blanket

Gifting your wife a blanket is like gifting her a hug in a box. A good quality, large fuzzy blanket can be difficult to come by. When you do find one, they can quickly become a staple during every family movie night or nap time. This fuzzy, warm blanket from Bedsure is sure to become a favorite of your wife once she feels just how soft and warm it is.

The blanket is available in three different sizes. The twin measures 60 inches by 80 inches, the queen measures 90 inches by 90 inches and the throw measures 50 inches by 60 inches. In addition, there are seventeen different color options to choose from as well. Each color is a solid color on the top of the blanket, while the bottom of the blanket is a fuzzy white plush Sherpa.

The blanket is dual sided. On one side, the colored side, you have a very soft fleece face. On the other is the plush Sherpa. This allows you to interchange how you wrap yourself in the blanket, depending on how warm you would like to be and which material feels best against your skin. The blankets are made from very high-quality microfiber polyester fabric. This is both durable and ultra soft.

The blanket is made to keep you warm in all temperatures while still remaining breathable. The material is both anti-static and anti-pill, keeping it looking nicer longer. You can even wash the blanket in a washing machine and it will keep its high quality. The blanket is quick-drying and is wrinkle-resistant. The blanket has an ergonomic design that will cling to your body to help you remain snuggly wrapped up instead of like regular cheaper blankets that just sit on top of your body and allow for cold air to be trapped inside the blanket with you.


      • The blanket is made from very high-quality materials.
      • There are multiple color and size options available.
      • The blanket is machine washable.


      • The Sherpa side is not as high in quality as the fleece side.

22. MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set top Zip Tote

Michael Kors is a designer name brand that offers beautiful fashion accessories and high-quality products. Their items are a little more expensive, so your wife may not be able to purchase new accessories from Michael Kors on a regular basis. Instead, you can treat her this special occasion by picking up this stunning tote to add to her wardrobe.

This is a very simple tote designed to compliment all outfits, whether going to the office or headed out for a night on the town. The purse measures 10.25 inches high, 15.75 inches wide, and 4.75 inches deep. It is available in eighteen different colors. It is made from 100% real cow leather.

The purse fits nicely under your shoulder with long shoulder straps. The straps are adjustable using the buckle settings along the side. Inside the purse is a large main compartment with a side pocket for smaller items. The outside of the purse just has two flushed pockets for slipping your phone or other items you may need to reach in a moments notice. The main compartment closes with a zipper. The bottom of the purse has four metal feet so that you can set the purse down and it will stand without toppling over. The knobs also keep the purse from getting dirty when set on the ground.


      • This purse is made from real leather.
      • There are many colors to choose from.
      • The shoulder straps are adjustable.


      • This is a more expensive purse.

23. Michael Kors women’s Fulton Carryall Leather Wallet

If your wife already has plenty of purses, perhaps you can invest in purchasing her a good-quality wallet that will stand the test of time. This wallet is also from Michael Kors and boasts the same high quality as the purse. It is also offered in many of the same colors, making it a great companion gift with the purse as a set.

The wallet is made from real leather that is pebbled. There are seventeen different leather colors to choose from for the wallet. The front of the wallet has a polished gold tone Michael Kors logo adorning the wallet. The entire wallet measures around 7.75 inches long by 4 inches high by 1 inch wide, making it easy to slip into nearly any purse. It is stylish to even be carried on its own as a clutch if desired. The wallet has a snap closure.

The inside of the wallet has a couple different compartments. The center of the wallet has a zippered coin area. On either side of the coin area are two full-length compartments for bills. Inside these compartments are two additional full-length compartments for more bills or cards. There are no individual slots for cards.


      • The wallet is made from real leather.
      • There are plenty of color options to choose from.
      • There are multiple organizational pockets available.


      • This is a more expensive wallet.
      • There are no individual slots for cards.

24. Best Choice Products Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer

If you have already gifted your wife jewelry on multiple occasions, perhaps it is time to switch up your gifts an gift her a jewelry box instead to hold all her precious gifts from you. This beautiful wooden jewelry box is very versatile in its use. It has many compartments to hold all types of jewelry from necklaces to earrings.

The jewelry box comes in either white or dark brown. It is handcrafted and lined with soft velvet in the interior to protect your precious jewelry. The entire jewelry box measures 11 inches long by 7 inches wide by 14.75 inches high. The top of the jewelry box can lock, keeping your most valuable pieces secure.

The first compartment is on the top of the jewelry box. The lid opens up, revealing a small, square mirror. The top compartment is divided up into to sections. On one half is a cushioned ring holder that can hold seven rings. The second half has two smaller compartments that can hold earrings. Down the front of the jewelry box are six individual drawers. Each drawer has a different setup and spacing for storing anything from the larger pieces of jewelry in the bottom drawers to the smaller earrings in the top drawers. Both sides of the jewelry box open up, revealing four hooks on each side for necklaces.


      • There are many different areas for storing your jewelry.
      • It is made from a beautiful, sturdy wood.
      • The top can lock and has a mirror.


      • The lock doesn’t work well
      • The jewelry box is not tall enough for many necklaces.

25. Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

Here is a gift for your wife that is both fashionable and good for her health. Leaving your eyes exposed to the sun can result in many health damages to your eyesight. The UVA and UVB rays can hurt your eyes with long-term effects. Buying a simple pair of ten dollar sunglasses may help you see when it is bright out, but does offer the full protection from the sun that more expensive ear wear offers, like this fashionable pair of Ray-Bans.

Ray-Bans come in many shapes and sizes as well as colors. Not all the colors are polarized. This specific model is polarized, offering the most comprehensive protection. The glasses themselves are made from plastic. They are made in the USA, which means that have met the US standards of quality in production. The lenses are crystal and polarized, with a 100% UV protection coating.

The lenses measure 55 mm thick, making them very thin and not bulky at all. The lenses are also 38 mm high. the bridge of the nose is 18mm and the arms are 145mm. For prolonging the life of the Ray-Bans, it is recommended that they are cleaned carefully and regularly with a cloth and stored in a protective case. The Ray-Bans do have their name and logo etched onto the sunglasses as a mark of their authenticity.


  • These sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • They are very high-quality.


  • These are more expensive sunglasses.
  • There are not as many style and color options as other brands.

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